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Hi There, I’m Doris Ward, your Body Confidence Coach.

My mission is to guide you to feel good in your body and 

free around food so that you can FINALLY break free from

the negative self-talk, food jail & boring exercise.

You’re in the right place if:

  • Confidence in your body, food choices and managing

       your stress levels are for you!

  • Choosing fitness options that suit your lifestyle, needs

       and that you actually like are for you!


I’m here to help.

I’m here to support, encourage, be your guide and offer the

tools and resources you need to feel better in your mind and body.

I get it.


Our daily lives are full. Who has time to make fitness fit into our hectic schedules? We’re stressed, feeling overwhelmed and we’re busy! I get that too. Our inner critics get loud and we beat ourselves up. Been there. And don’t get me started on work-life balance!


But I can help you with all of this and more

I love fitness. I love helping people. So, I joined the two together for a winning combination. Fast forward to today, I own a small business dedicated to the career doing what I love.


I help busy women build their body confidence, food freedom and discover a mindful life so they can FINALLY feel in control. I do all of this without those never-ending diets or exercises people end up dreading and instead I help women find freedom around food and inside their bodies while redefining wellness on their own terms.

All things mindfulness, confidence and fitness to get back to your true self and feel good in your body.


I do that. Together we team up and discuss your needs, goals and how you want to feel, what you want to work towards, and what makes you tick to keep you motivated for more.

We decide what services are best for you:

  • Body Confidence & Food Freedom Coaching

  • Fitness & Life Coaching

  • Stress Resilience and Mindfulness Coaching 

  • 1:1 Mindful Movement sessions (Private Yoga & Pilates)

See? I have you covered!


With my guidance, 19+ years of experience and expertise I can help you get back to feeling good AND strong in your body. With my coaching we can create health-promoting habits, make long-lasting positive changes and you can finally feel more aligned and start living the life you want and deserve.


Speaking of expertise, I have been certified and/or trained in the following:

Intuitive Eating

Personal Training Specialist canfitpro

YogaFit Instructor

Trauma-Informed Yoga

Body Positivity & Self-Care

STOTT Mat Pilates Instructor

BOSU & TRX Trainer

Life Coaching

Mindfulness, Meditation & Stress Resiliency

FNB Portable Equipment Group Fitness Instructor

Mental Health First Aid & CPR

Learn more about my career highlights here: https://www.fortheloveoffitnesspei.com/media

Email me to tell me what I might be able to help you with and we can start moving forward together: fortheloveoffitness@hotmail.com

Find out what my clients have to say about their experiences have been like working with me HERE


My Personal Path to Confidence, Healing and Mindful Movement

I’ve been there.


Stressed to the max.


Obsessing over the scale, numbers and my weight. Anxious all the time. Exercising because I “should”. Feeling guilty because I ate something I “shouldn’t” have. Got embarrassed for not feeling strong enough to say yes to attending an event because of how I felt I looked. I made choices that weren’t best for my body all because I wanted to lose those last “X” pounds. I tried yoga and meditation yet couldn’t stick with it then decided it didn’t “work” or that I couldn’t focus "right". I listened to other people and companies tell me what to do with my body.


All. the. things.

If you are still reading, perhaps you too have done one or more of these things.

But healing is possible.



I’ve experienced my own healing through a mindset change around fitness, practicing mindfulness, planning strategies that help me balance my life, tools for my stress management, and ridding myself of the grip of diet culture through research, training, and a lot of self-reflection that I continue to do every day.


And yes, it’s worth all the work.

And yes, it’s work.


But I am here to help.


I’ve been there and I want to help you to experience this shift towards feeling better in your mind and body too. Together we can make this happen.


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“Create a life of freedom and confidence minus the guilt and mountain of “should’s”- Doris Ward


          Imagine a life of well-being without obsession.

               Imagine feeling confident in your body



           Imagine enjoying your exercise.

            Imagine befriending your inner critic.

                   Imagine feeling calmer and being able to manage your stress.

           Imagine eating without guilt or shame.


Let’s make this a REALITY! Contact me HERE.

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Continuing education is important to me to offer my community a wide array of services and to continue to meet their changing needs and lifestyle. I am proud of my commitment to lifelong learning. See below for my list of certifications and professional development.



2002 Fitness New Brunswick (FNB) Basic Fitness Theory

2003 FNB Resistance Training Leadership, Personal Fitness Trainer

2004 Island Fitness Council Conference-March 26-27th


Can Fit Pro Conference-May

STOTT Pilates Instructor Certification Mat Levels 1-6-April

STOTT Pilates Weighted Ball Workshop & The Secret to Toned Arms, Buns and Thighs, Intensifying Essential Matwork Workshop, Fitness Circle Flow-March 18 2006


Aradia Pole Fitness Instructor Certification, Stretch Class workshop

June 21  STOTT Pilates Matwork Choices for Personal Trainers workshop, Intense Foam Roller Challenge workshop, Total Body Sculpting workshop


Canfitpro Conference-June 21-22


Fitness NB Conference Moncton


Fitness NB Conference Fredericton


SCHWINN  Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification course-December


June 23rd Canfitpro conference - 5 workshops/lectures

October Fundamentals of Nutrition Course by CanfitPro 


Older Adult Fitness Specialty Ball workshop with Go PEI, November Sport PEI Sport Leadership Coach conference



January 25th BOSU workshops-circuit sensations and core complete- total 5 hours

May Canfitpro conference-4 sessions

April Kettlebell skills clinic 1. 5 hrs 

July 12 BOSU Trainer certification 8 hrs

July 26th workshop in Moncton 5 hrs-TRX, foam roller, BOSU, Kettlebells

September 4-6th Canfitpro Personal Trainer Specialist certification course

September 12th Kettlebell Skills Clinic Workshop 1.5 hours



February 26-28th  FNB Exercise Theory

September 24th BOSU Dimensional Core workshop-2 hours

November 5, 6, 11, 12  CanfitPro Personal Trainer Specialist certification course

November 18-20 Fitness NB Portable Equipment Group Fitness certification course



May 6-7 YogaFit Level 1 Certification course-16 hours

May 15-16 Yoga For Trauma Training with David Emerson, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga-16 hours


February 18th: Silly Shapes Yoga Workshop-1.5 hrs with Lenae MacPhail on intermediate poses


March 24th: CPR and AED Training

Letting Go yoga Workshop March 3rd-1.5 hours of breathwork, Yoga Nidra meditation


April 28th Sun Salutations Workshop-with Erica Killam, 1.5 hours on breaking down parts of sun salutes, alignment focus

Re-certification of Group Fitness Instructor Certification. – eval.

April 7th Fitness NB Personal Development Day-3 seminars 1: Well balanced exercise programs supporting sensorimotor function for older adults and clinical groups

2. The application of carries and weightlifting hybrid exercises as alternatives in group fitness leadership

3. Safety in adapting exercise for all and Key moves for core strengthening.

May 3-4 and 5-6  YogaFit: Restoring Balance: training the parasympathetic system and Healing Physical and Emotional Trauma

May 12th Low Back Pain Seminar and Yoga Workshop with Dr. David Whitty CD-1.5 hours, theory and practical, learned 5 poses and stats on back pain and types of back pain and causes

June 6-7th Mental Health First Aid certification-12 hours.

June 24th Yoga Workshop Basics Level 2- 2 hours with Lenae MacPhail

July Completed Confidence Life Coaching course with Transformation Services Inc.

August-10-12 World Fitness Expo-attended 8 workshops for continuing education

August 25-26 Yoga Fit  2 days Addictions and Recovery, Warrior 20 hours training towards 100 hour Trauma-sensitive yoga teacher certification

September 2 Day Peer Support Group Facilitator training

SafeTalk Suicide Prevention Training with the Canadian Mental Health Association-PEI Division

October attended the YogaFit Mind Body conference: courses completed-YogaFit Warrior PTSD, Meditation & Mindfulness and Yogafit for Seniors

October 19th completion of Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher certification

November 18 Yoga Balancing Workshop 2 hours

November 24 Completed Mindfulness Practitioner course


March Body Positive Fitness Alliance Workshop

March The Body Positive -Body Positive Professional Orientation 25 hour course

March Redefining Leadership with Commune and Off the Mat and Into the World

April -June Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction 12-week training

August 16-18 Canfitpro Conference Toronto-Workshops and Lectures on the following: Pilates, brain health, motivational interviewing, communication with different generations, female leadership in the fitness industry, nutrition trends and debates, trends in the fitness industry, small group training programming, wellness retreats and stress resilience. 

Oct 1st-Peer Support Group Leader Training with Canadian Mental Health Association

Oct 4-6th Body Brave Conference-Virtual sessions including:

Yoga for Everyone: Why Representation and Diversity Matters (Dianne Bondy)

Eating Disorder Sensitivity for Movement Professionals (Panel Discussion)

The Power of Embodiment: Moving From Exploitation to Empowerment (Ailey Jolie)

Language of Hope: Using Ordinary Words in Extraordinary Ways (Dr. Haesun Moon)

Eating Disorders 101 For Caregivers: Now what? (Lisa Burns)

Nov 2 Fitness NB Personal Training & Fitness Leader Summit-sessions included: Adaptations for common Joint Disorders, Indoor Cycling (Tapping into your Creative Self), Social Media: Friend or Foe


January 19th CPR certification and A.E.D. training

February 10th Eating Disorders NS online workshops-Diet Culture Detox-1.5 hours

Feb 24th-Mar 2nd Braving Body Shame online conference 4-5 webinars daily

March 2nd Eating Disorders NS online workshop-No Wrong Way to Have a Body-3 hours

March 11th-17th Be Nourished Body Trust online summit 

March 16th Eating Disorders NS online workshop-Befriending Your Body-1.5 hours

March 30th Eating Disorders NS online workshop-Working it Out-Exercise and Recovery-1.5 hrs

April 3rd Intuitive Self-care course with The Body Positive

April 9th Body Acceptance online Masterclass with Summer Innanen

April 6th-10th Anti-Diet Message course from Christy Harrison, R.D. 

April 9th Trauma-Informed Mindfulness for Chronic Pain with Jane Clapp

April 10th-May 10th Body Trust/Be Nourished Promoting Body Trust 30-day e-course for Helping Professionals

April 14th-Dec 14th Body Trust/Be Nourished School of Unlearning 


May 6th Diet Culture Detox with Rebecca Clegg

May 8th TRX Suspension Training Level 1 Qualified-6 hours

May 14-June 4 Traumatic Stress and the Breath with Jane Clapp

May 11-21 Conscious Eating and Traumatic Stress with Jane Clapp

May 22-25 Mindful Movement for Anxiety with Jane Clapp

May 21st Fullness: Exploring Comfort Eating-Eating Disorders NS


Stress Resiliency course with Canfitpro


Indigenous Canada, University of Alberta-February-December (in progress)


March Breaking Food Rules Workshop, Eating Disorders NS

March CPR Canfitpro

March-May Intuitive Eating Pro Skills Course https://www.evelyntribole.com/intuitive-eating-pro-skills-training/

May Non-Diet Coach Training with Stephanie Dodier https://www.stephaniedodier.com/proseries

May 4-13 Reimagining Health and Wellness Summit:

                 Defining Body Trust and Modeling Allyship for Collective Liberation

                 Treating Eating Disorders from a Decolonized Fat Acceptance Orientation

                 The Impact of Diet Culture on Mental Health and Wellness in Black, Queer, Fat Women

                 Understanding the Health at Every Size Framework and the Problem with Healthism

                 Unlearning Fatphobia for Nutritionists and Dieticians

                 Size Inclusivity in the Fashion Industry and Normalizing Fat Bodies

                 Evolution of the Fat Liberation Movement: Past, Present, and Future

                 How Yoga Helps you Reconnect to Yourself and Heal Body-Shame

                 Destigmatizing Fatness in the Face of Diet Culture

                 Anti-Fatness as Anti-Blackness: How to Disrupt Oppression Toward Marginalized Bodies

                Collective Freedom at the Intersections of Body Size, Race, Gender and Ability

                Using Boundaries to Counter Fatphobia Within Yourself and the World

                How to Practice Physical Therapy Through a HAES Framework

May 10 Ditching Diet Culture Workshop - Eating Disorder NS

May 17  Social Media and Eating Disorders - Sheena's Place and NEDIC

May 29 Writing Questions Workshop 2 hours Joshua Fields Millburn
& Adjunct Professor Shawn Mihalik

June 11 - ASDAH Online Conference 2022 Intersectional Liberation: What is Required of the Health at Every Size® Framework?

June 20 Creating a Safer Social Media Space - Eating Disorders NS

July Level 2 YogaFit Training 20 hours


Experience Highlights


April 2017 – October 2020

Pilates and Yoga Instructor – Private one-on-one Pilates mat instruction of the essential and intermediate repertoire. 

Beginner Yoga, Yoga for Chronic Pain Management, Body Acceptance Yoga and Trauma-Informed Yoga classes- offering group classes including mindfulness, breath connection techniques, balance and core work, total body strength postures, stretching, joint mobility exercises and guided meditation.


2010 – Present

Regular Contributor on wellness topics including:

Mindful Workouts, Pilates, Running, Turning Injuries into Opportunities, Goal Setting, Mind-Body Connection, Diet Culture, Healthy Aging and How Fitness Heals.



November 2014 – July 2018

Personal Fitness Trainer – Experience training clients including long-term planning. Customized exercise programs tailored to client goals, needs and lifestyles. One-on-one sessions include tools and resources to ensure they are set up for success to achieve their health and fitness goals. Effective document management and program design using multiple computer software programs and resources.



March 2017-Present

Spin Indoor Cycling & Group Fitness Instructor- Lead fun, energizing cardiovascular group classes through effective technique demonstration, verbal cueing and correction. Creative programming set to music to encourage participant engagement and satisfaction.


THE LOCKER ROOM June 2012-August 2014

Personal Trainer-Managed 30 personal training clients.

GOODLIFE FITNESS Sept 2009-2010 Personal Fitness Trainer

SCOTIA MCLEOD May 2008 -2009 Administrative Assistant

REDDIN MORTGAGE GROUP 2007-2008 Office Manager

RBC ROYAL BANK 1998-2005 Proactive Sales, Customer Service, Mortgage Specialist, Administrative Assistant & Credit Specialist




Program Highlights:

Organizational Management               Public Speaking & Marketing

Business Communications                   Customer Service Skills

Leadership and Supervision               Office and Computer Skills

Professional Memberships

Canfitpro & Fitness NB

The Center for Mindful Eating

Fit Bodies Inc.

CMHA-PEI Division

PEI Road Runners Club

East Coast First Peoples Alliance

Association for Size Diversity and Health https://asdah.org/

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Doris is passionate about her purpose in helping others feel more connected and confident with their bodies through mindfulness, mindful movement, sharing education and coaching.  As a life coach, personal trainer and trained professional, she designs programs that are welcoming for all ages, bodies and fitness levels.  It is her passion for fitness and well-being that drives her to inspire her clients every day to encourage them to go after what they want and deserve the most.  Through her workshops on goal setting, body image and running, Doris is able to provide experiences and tangible tools for clients to be their best in these areas.

Whether she is working with a client, teaching group yoga classes, writing, running, reading, trying new recipes, watching a movie with a cat on her lap, or running errands around town,  she strives to enjoy each day to the best of her ability. She feels very blessed and grateful to be able to lead by example and encourage others through her classes/sessions and blog and feels honoured to be a part of the fitness path of so many people.


Her hope is to inspire others with medical conditions including mental illness, chronic pain, and those that have experienced trauma so that they too can better manage these conditions through mindful movement and health-focused habits and not allow their conditions to take control of them. Doris walks the talk by committing to her own workout programs and mindset and works hard at setting and achieving her own health and fitness goals. She can guide you along your path as well.


Contact her by email for your consultation.

EMAIL DORIS: fortheloveoffitness@hotmail.com

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Heather Séguin

"I had a fitness coaching session with Doris, and I’m really glad I did. 

I was feeling a bit off track, and she helped me out a lot.  We talked about my goals (which have changed since I first joined the gym), and she helped me with ideas around keeping motivated when I do workouts on my own as opposed to classes (I’ll still be doing classes, though, because I love them.).  


My coaching session with her gave me the boost I needed. 


More people should take advantage of these sessions to stay on track, stay motivated, and not slip away from the gym.  And I have to say kudos once again to Doris for taking her job so seriously and offering this service."

Sapphire MacPhee

Thank you for your support! I really enjoyed my time and learning from you. I feel much better equipped to move my body in ways that I enjoy without the "shoulds" and guilt that don't belong :) 

Tracy P.

…. “My attitude has changed for the better concerning weight and body image. I finally am liking myself and being kinder with my thoughts. With your words, insight and coaching you have had a positive impact on my body image. Your coaching has been a positive experience and a welcome change from the inside.”

Pointing Pen and Finger on Document

Gordon M.

I've been meeting with Doris on a regular basis for coaching sessions since 2015.  She provides me with feedback, and ideas, on how to obtain my goals. More importantly, her knowledge, positive attitude and encouragement allows one to keep up the "fitness fight", regardless of the obstacles or hurdles my life may present.


With her guidance, I have completed a marathon, competed at a world championship and have gradually improved my eating habits among other improvements to my strength, flexibility and my overall mindset.


At 65 years old, staying motivated, achieving my goals and preventing injuries is directly related to the coaching and the (training) I received from Doris.”