Let's Team Up!
Your Coaching Options are:

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1:1 Body Confidence
& Food Freedom Coaching

Feel comfortable in your own skin again and in control around food without diets & all that negative self-talk!

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1:1 Fitness Coaching

Mindful movement sessions with your busy lifestyle in mind! Customized fitness plan just for you to help you feel your best inside & out!

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Email Coaching

Have access to me to ask questions, receive the resources you need and the support you want to make your awesome life happen!

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Imagine having a dedicated professional available to guide you through the hard stuff, someone that truly listens and helps you sort through the ups and downs. 

A person that is there to inspire you to reach your full potential. 

What would it be like to have THAT level of support?


You don't have to imagine because Doris offers many coaching services that provide THIS  level of support!



What is Fitness Coaching & how can it help me take my fitness to the next level?

It's the best of mindfulness, fitness and unlimited support! 

ACCOUNTABILITY: regularly scheduled private 1-on-1 meetings, prompt follow up notes & check-ins, invitations provided to complete following the session to keep you focused & feeling motivated

SUPPORT: encouragement, active listening, advice, wisdom, & access to yours truly to answer your questions

MOTIVATION/INSPIRATION: determine the why behind your goal(s), discover strengths, develop strategies to stay motivated, internal and external drivers, help you shape and define your commitment levels

GOAL SETTING: short and long term, SMART goal technique, goal defining, recognize barriers, strategies to overcome barriers/obstacles, evaluation and review of goals, joint decision making, developing a plan B

TRACKING AND REVIEW OF PROGRESS: an ongoing review of successes and challenges

NUTRITION GUIDANCE: recipe ideas, meal preparation tips, hydration information and resources based on the Canada Food Guide

MINDFUL MOVEMENT PROGRAMMING AND IMPLEMENTATION: design a comprehensive, customized and progressive MOVEMENT program tailored to your goals/needs/wants and lifestyle, consistent review and modifications to accommodate changes in needs and goals-we make it FUN!

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: I discover new trends and strategies, stay up to date in the industry, commit to continuing education, and seek out additional information on selected topics to ensure you get the latest information

LIFESTYLE COACHING: I help you align your priorities, work towards work/life balance, encourage you to embrace change, provide professional guidance to make time for fitness, overcome obstacles to change, and add mindfulness to your daily life


                             Email her: fortheloveoffitness@hotmail.com to take the first step to a better you!

Fitness Coaching-ALL IN Package

What's Included:


8 x 60 min Fitness Coaching + Personal Training Sessions- The ULTIMATE COMBO!

Weekly email check-ins by yours truly-Accountability on MAX!


Unlimited access to me by email M-F 8-5 to answer your questions, keep your motivation high and provide the support you want! HELLO, accountability!

Customized Fitness Program design specific to your likes, goals, lifestyle, needs, ALL THE THINGS!

Comprehensive 1:1 consultation 45-60 min.

PLUS: your very own journal to record your progress & goals 


Over the 8 sessions, I will lead you through a low-impact yet effective warm-up, teach you your customized fitness program, provide guidance to you to reach your goals, discuss any challenges and barriers with you to help you overcome them and be part of your accountability support team in between sessions via email. 


EVERYTHING is included in this package. All mindful movement services I offer are included!

Your sessions will be customized to your specific goals and this means if you would benefit from more than strength training exercises, I can include yoga, Pilates, meditation, mindfulness practices and all the coaching about how to make fitness fit into your busy lifestyle. Seriously, when you sign up for this program, you get sessions that are so targeted to your goals that you are destined to achieve them. I give you all my best pro tips, strategies and recourses to set you up so you can take on your life and health the way you deserve.


The ALL IN package is meant for the person that wants all the coaching, all the support, all the expertise and is seeking a coach that is ALL IN on their clients' goals and making the experience fun, gentle but also effective! This package is for you!


Are you ALL IN? 


Here’s a recap:


Your investment: $1297 tax incl.   VALUE over $1700

I’m ALL IN package = comprehensive consultation + customized mind-body fitness program + 8 personal training sessions (over 8 weeks) + unlimited email access + fitness coaching+ weekly check-ins including resources, PRO tips & goal setting! Everything you need & want! 

BONUS: When you sign up for this package you'll receive my Top 20 Mind-Body Journal Prompts!


     *Limited-time price, fees subject to change. 

Body Confidence & Food Freedom Coaching

It takes courage to take care of yourself. To take steps to be better, seek help, and move forward.

I see you, hear you and honor you.

You’ve tried everything you “should” do and “should” have worked.

Right? I know. It’s hard. The workouts, plans, detoxes, diets and cleanses.

BUT they didn’t work. 

You still feel overwhelmed around food, bad about yourself, and perhaps even more uncomfortable in your body.

That’s so hard. I get that.

I can help you build food and body confidence while trading should for I GOT THIS so you can live the life you deserve feeling your best.

My Mission 


My mission is to help people like you break free from the endless body shame, feeling out of control around food, and feeling “bad” about themselves. I’m driven to help you build inner and outer strength to know your power and go after life with confidence ALL ON YOUR OWN TERMS!

Not another diet. Not another plan. No more “should” or rules.

That’s right! When you team up with me, I can help you rediscover what it’s like to be the BOSS of your body, rediscover your intuition and finally feel good about your choices.

Teaming up with me as your coach results in building body confidence, learning, feeling the mind-body connection, and using food as nourishment, not as the enemy.

We can do this TOGETHER!

I can help you build food and body confidence while trading shoulds for I GOT THIS so you can live the life you deserve feeling your best.

I do this by helping you build strength, confidence and resilience.


That’s right, we're breaking free & building up TOGETHER. You won’t be alone when you work with me.

Take back the control.

Learn to be the BOSS of your body.

I’ll take you on a path of being able to trust your body again so you can finally give it what it wants and deserves.


Your Coaching Options are:


1:1 in-person or Online Body Confidence & Food Freedom Coaching

The 8-week BODY CONFIDENCE & FOOD FREEDOM package is as follows:


8 x 60 min. 1:1 sessions-Body Confidence & Food Freedom Specialty coaching

Comprehensive consultation by Zoom or in-person, up to 60 minutes

My proven Framework to Discover Body Acceptance and Explore Food Freedom which includes the Mindful Eating guide, Diet Culture Detox guidebook, Self-Care Planner, Mindful Eating Scale, Mind-Body Journal Prompt guide, 

Weekly email check-ins by yours truly including journal prompts, affirmations & customized invitations for you.

Body confidence & Food Freedom downloadable resources

BONUS: my exclusive Body Kindness Journal exercise mini-guide! My clients are loving this guide! You will too!


$1497 tax included, VALUE over $2000

Email me to learn more about this 8-week specialty coaching: fortheloveoffitness@hotmail.com

(please note this coaching is not therapeutic nor does it substitute for medical advice)


Feeling overwhelmed, frazzled and like life is moving a bit too fast?

Need support and guidance to help slow things down to a pace that feels manageable and tools for long-term stress management?

I have the coaching sessions for you!

Specialized private 1:1 coaching sessions to guide you to build your stress resilience using mindfulness techniques and meditation.

30-minute Coaching Sessions to fit your Busy Schedule
For those of you that have attended any yoga or mind-body class, don't you ju
st love that feeling after you take time to focus on your breath…and what about how relaxed you feel after the guided meditation?  

So many of you have told me you want more of this feeling because you are more stressed, overwhelmed and anxious than ever. I know the long list of benefits that yoga, Pilates and mindful movement offers and the lasting positive impact meditation can have. 
So, I combined ALL of this into a specialized service. 
In these 30-minute sessions we cover it all: 

Breath connection technique 
Gentle (beginner) Mindful movement (yoga, Pilates, etc.) 
Guided meditation specific to stress and anxiety reduction

A guided open discussion to check in with stress levels, mindset and challenges

Journal activities and self-reflection activities for building stress resilience

Mindfulness practices as practical strategies

These sessions are specialized and designed to build your stress resilience.

The goal is to have you leave feeling calm, restored and rested.  

All you need is yourself and a mat, I take care of the rest. 
Each week we meet and I guide you through a breath connection technique, gentle movement, stretching, and guided meditation.  
You can customize these sessions by asking me to make the movement component longer or the meditation longer depending on your wants/needs that day. I am yours for 30 minutes to help you to feel better in your mind and body by sharing mindfulness and stress management techniques. 
Because I only have one spot open on my waitlist at this time, it will be first come first serve.

Will you be the ONE?
Let me help you build stress resilience, invite calm and ease into your mind and body. 


Your 6-week Stress Resilience Coaching package includes:

your six sessions

weekly email check-ins by yours truly

a comprehensive 1:1 consultation


tailored stress resilience resources just for you based on your goals, lifestyle and needs to address your stress levels in an effective way. 


Your investment is $497 tax included.

Are you in?

Contact me by email to get on the waitlist: fortheloveoffitness@hotmail.com or click HERE 

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Tracy Prendergast

"My attitude has changed for the better concerning weight and body image. I finally am liking myself and being kinder with my thoughts.


With your words, insight and coaching you have had a positive impact on my body image. Your coaching has been a positive experience and a welcome change from the inside."

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Kelly Boulter

"She has taught me so much about my body, making healthy choices. She has taught me to listen to my body.. engage my body. Doris has inspired me on days I don't even want to get out of bed. She's taught me how to have faith in myself and to believe in myself and how to achieve my goals."

Coaching Client Testimonials

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Pair your coaching sessions or private in-person training with this service to complement your efforts to get the most out of your time and efforts!

Email coaching offers you *unlimited contact with your trainer/coach/instructor to ask specific questions about your program, receive guidance to overcome obstacles, develop new goals and celebrate reaching existing ones!

This style of coaching also supports you with creating healthy habits and overall balancing and prioritizing a lifestyle that makes you feel your best. With over 19 years of career experience, I provide support, encouragement, resources, tasks and other helpful information to guide this process.

Online coaching has been proven

to increase consistency, improve accountability and ramp up motivation for you to stay on course!



Email coaching is exclusive to existing & active private clients. 

Fee: $147.00 tax incl. for 30 days.

 Unlimited emails Monday-Friday.

SAVE $85 when you sign up for 6 MONTHS for $797

Sign up for 1 YEAR and 1 get 1 MONTH FREE! 

"Your coaching online is as good as your in-person.  

It Keeps You Focused On Your Goals.

It Helps You To Be Accountable To Yourself.

Keeps You On Track With Your Exercises With The Ability To Reach Out You Feel Supported.

Online Coaching Works To Help Me Stay Targeted On My Goals And Habits."

– Tracy P.



I am not a licensed psychologist or specialist healthcare professional. My services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals. I am not a medical professional. As a Body Image Coach, I am not providing healthcare, medical, or nutritional therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any physical, mental, or emotional issue.

The information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment. Always seek advice from your physician or other qualified healthcare providers before undertaking a new health regimen.

Do not disregard medical advice or delay seeking medical advice because of the information you read on this website. Do not start or stop any medications without speaking to your medical or mental health provider.