Your mission is my mission

Mission Statement:

When people give me the opportunity to enrich their lives with something as transformative and positive as a fitness and coaching program can be, I take the responsibility to fulfill their expectations seriously. I want to give them MORE than they expect. I want their time spent with me to be a unique experience; I want it to be challenging; I want it to be fun; I want it to be safe; and I also want it to be educational and enlightening. I believe my philosophy can be summed up in these few words:

"My purpose is to provide guidance and support in a non-judgmental way that encourages learning, exploration and awareness to inspire feelings of motivation to create positive long-term habits. Knowledge builds confidence, so I take the time to explain concepts and provide tools and resources to support these concepts. I deliver results by teaching techniques and practices that help to move clients towards their goals and the life they desire.”


“A balanced, full service and personalized coaching service to help others build their fitness, body image confidence and resiliency.”


“Because you can.”

My Purpose

As your coach I must be able to:

Provide my clients and participants with knowledge, skills, guidance, support and inspiration so they realize their full potential and empower themselves to enhance the quality of their lives.

Offer safe and effective programs tailored to the individual.

Develop fun, effective and efficient fitness and coaching programs that offer variety and meet my clients’ needs.

Incorporate a balanced, full-service approach to health and fitness that encompasses cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, nutrition, stress and lifestyle considerations.

Act as an aid in the rehabilitation of clients experiencing pain and injury.

Network with allied health professionals regarding the care of a client and incorporate recommendations as needed.

Establish a warm, receptive and non-intimidating environment that facilitates and enhances the learning process.

My Responsibility to You:

To practice my own confidence, competencies and commitment as a fitness professional and coach whose primary focus is to enhance the quality of your life and vitality.

To remain certified and updated on all current research and fitness trends.

To uphold professional integrity through my conduct and respect for my clientele, other fitness professionals, coaches as well as other health professionals and organizations within the profession.

To inspire you through my own actions in practicing positive habits, goal-setting and fitness routines.

When we team up together you can expect the following:

my priority is your safety and offering a brave and confidential space to be open to communicate

my responsibility is to guide you in the direction of your goals

my expectation is to give 100% of my best and receive the same from you

my goal is to inspire and help you move in a direction that gets you closer to where you want to be and how you want to feel.

Email me to check on my availability and to discuss your options: