Love planning ahead!

It's true this is my best advice to clients, PLAN ahead, plan your workouts in advance and meals in advance. This does require a bit of work on your end but it's totally worth the time and effort! It pays off. After some time you will have to work way less to plan your meals and workouts, you get the hang of it and develop your own efficient style.

Planning for November workouts I have them mapped out on a single piece of paper, looks like a lot of scribbles to anyone else no doubt but I understand it. This is an example of how your planning doesn't have to be fancy or complex. Grab a pen and paper and jot things down. Then post it places where you will see it often like your kitchen, bathroom, car, workplace Then share it! Tell people about it, post online about it or however you wish to communicate it then you have a support network to help keep you accountable.

Lots of clients are curious about my own workouts and I am happy to explain and share my workouts anytime! So here is my November plan:

Sundays: Choice of 1 of the following: Jillian Michaels 10 min Pilates with warm up, imotion Fitness pilates workout (25min), Tony Horton's 10 min Trainer abs. Plus a run, 8.5k - 9.5km at a race pace for the first 5k then tempo pace for remaining distance.

Mondays: Physio (25-30min) 4 sets of 12 Deadlifts, bridges, heel wall pushes plus 2 sets of cardio drills, 2 sets of planks, 2 sets pushups, 1-=2 sets of lunges and squats. Plus a choice of the following: P90x Dynamix, Yoga, Pilates or Isometrix or Jillian Michaels Killer Core (30min).

Tuesdays: P90x2 Ab ripper (15min), Run at tempo pace.

Wednesdays: Physio + Jillian Michaels 10 min Transformation Booty Blast + Cardio Burn.

Thursdays: Rest, recovery, stretching, foam rolling.

Friday: P90x Ab ripper (15min), Run, long run, adding .5 - 1km to distance, slower pace.

Saturday: Physio + Butt quattro (20min) - leg lifts, donkey kicks, fire hydrants, etc Plus one of the following: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Cardio 1 , 2 or 3 (30min) or Jillian Michaels Body Shred Cardio (30min) or BOSU Cardio dvd (45min) or imotion Fitness Bosu cardio (25min) or P90X3 Triometrics or Accelerator.

Daily: 3 sets of 30 sec calf stretches, 3 sets of 30 sec hip flexor stretches, 3 sets of 30 sec quad stretches and hip flexor ball rolling 1-3 x /week. Also it's important to note I sometimes add 1-2 more rests throughout the month based on how my body feels.

AND in the last 2 years I also add this in: 1-2 x month I hit up a spin class, do an hour or so on my fave cardio machine of all time the STEPMILL! AND go to Fit Camp at Naturally Fit PEI :)

Back in late March of this year I strained my hamstring and still recovering from it so over the spring and summer I did less spin and stepmill as I rehabbed and worked on my running distance. But my injury is far improved now thanks to Dr David Whitty at Body Works for guiding me along and giving a specific rehab routine that I religiously follow. I should be back to spinning and my beloved stepmill in November or December and I am so looking forward to that! December I will be running longer distances and incorporating speed work as well so it's going to be a fantastic month! 2017 will bring me back to racing on a regular basis as well. Already registered for the Resolution Run on January 1st and have 10-12 other races on my radar to participate in over the course of the year. My goal is to avoid further injury so that may mean less races but I have a group of key races I really want to do and look forward to. I plan to also add back in my Pilates Reformer Level 3 classes at imotion fitness with Stephanie Knickle, I love pilates and especially pilates on the reformer. If you haven't done pilates I would absolutely recommend starting with level 1 mat and work your way up to level 3-4 then sign up for the reformer classes, it is one heck of a workout that is impact free and a really great compliment to a healthy strong life. I find it great for a recovery workout after a long run or hard cardio session. I took reformer classes this year from January to August and loved them and my body and I will be happy to be back in action with those classes again in 2017 :) For so many reasons 2017 is going to be a great year! 2016 has been great too, currently I am working on a "year in review" piece to post on this blog in December as a nice summary that outlines this year's personal training accomplishments and to set intentions for 2017. Stay tuned folks!