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Lifelong Learning

Continuing Education

Staying on top of trends, research and the industry

Fitness professionals are held to a very high standard and I too hold myself to a high standard especially when it comes to getting and STAYING certified. It's not enough to simply take a course, write and pass an exam. That's the beginning. You need to apply what you learned and KEEP learning and stay up to date and keep taking courses and workshops for your continuing education so you always stay sharp for your clients or group participants. They deserve to work with someone that has the right courses, certifications and memberships for their fitness offerings.

Every role in the fitness industry requires some type of training or a course or some sort of organized education and it has a scope of practice that is also to be honored, respected and followed. For example as a Personal Trainer I have a specific scope of practice that I follow and adhere to. It ensures the safety of everyone I work with and it is important to always keep that standard high. I always strive for excellence with every session every client every time.

I am committed to staying up to date and always learning to ensure I deliver the best service and product possible to my clients. Read below for more details.


Here is a complete list of all the workshops, courses, clinics and training I have taken since 2002 in an effort to grow, expand and stay current and responsible with my position within the fitness industry.

Lifelong Learning

2002-Fitness New Brunswick (FNB) Basic Fitness Theory

2003- FNB Resistance Training Leadership, Personal Fitness Trainer

2004-Island Fitness Council Conference-March 26-27th

2006-Can Fit Pro Conference-May

STOTT Pilates Instructor Certification Mat Levels 1-6-April

STOTT Pilates Weighted Ball Workshop & The Secret to Toned Arms, Buns and Thighs, Intensifying Essential Matwork Workshop, Fitness Circle Flow-March 18 2006

2007 Aradia Pole Fitness Instructor Certification, Stretch Class workshop

STOTT Pilates Matwork Choices for Personal Trainers workshop, Intense Foam Roller Challenge workshop, Total Body Sculpting workshop-June 21 2007

2008 Canfitpro Conference-June 21-22, 4 workshops

2009 FNB Conference-5 workshops

2010 FNB Conference Fredericton-5 workshops

2012 SCHWINN Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification course-December

2013 Canfitpro conference - 5 workshops/lectures-June, 23rd, Fundamentals of Nutrition Course by CanfitPro October

2014 Older Adult Fitness Speciality Ball workshop with Go PEI, November Sport PEI Sport Leadership Coach conference

January 25th BOSU workshops-circuit sensations and core complete- total 5 hours

May canfitpro conference-4 sessions

April Kettlebell skills clinic 1. 5 hrs with Wendy

July 12 BOSU Trainer certification 8 hrs

July 26th workshop in Moncton 5 hrs-trx, foam roller, bosu, kb

September 4-6th Canfitpro Personal Trainer Specialist certification course

September 12th Kettlebell Skills Clinic Workshop 1.5 hours


February 26-28th FNB Exercise Theory

September 24th BOSU Dimensional Core workshop-2 hours

November CanFitPRO Personal Trainer Specialist certification course Nov 5 & 6, 11 & 12

November 18-20 FNB Portable Equipment Group Fitness Leader certification course


2017-May Yoga Fit Level 1

May - Yoga for Trauma workshop

YEARLY – review of fitness journals and FNB exam completion

CPR and AED Certification

Self directed ongoing online research on health, fitness, wellness

Reading various books on health and wellness