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My Facebook business page originally was created for the purpose of building my business and boosting my exposure in our ever-growing competitive fitness industry here in beautiful Prince Edward Island. Being self-employed as For the Love of Fitness is a huge endeavor, I have worked as a certified Personal Trainer since 2003 and opened this business in 2014 when I moved back to PEI and with some gentle nudging finally decided to create a Facebook page this January. I had all other social media accounts up and running: Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and of course had a website and a very active email account (fortheloveoffitness@hotmail.com) so naturally Facebook was the last thing to add into the mix. Since starting my Facebook business page (facebook.com/doriswardpei) just only 2 months ago I have quickly come to realize and learn that my purpose of having the page has evolved to a much more important purpose than simply expanding my business prospects. I now want the page to serve as a platform to continue to inspire, to guide others to discover their motivations to pursue their health and fitness goals, to help others and to continue to EMPOWER through education and posting positive messages about health and fitness. It's also worth mentioning how much I appreciate every single like, share, positive comment and support I am receiving online, it means a lot to me, thank you to each and every one of you who continue to support and encourage me, much gratitude to you.

My new found goals with my Facebook business page are to post on topics that share educational or positive messages about health and fitness that serve to inspire or empower others to achieve their goals. Essentially this is what I do with my Twitter account as well. I seek out articles, recipes, quotes and information that would help others in educating them to help them to get closer to their goals. Help them to set them up for success. Provide them with tools and resources. Empower people with studies and research that demonstrate techniques that are effective to incorporate into their daily routines.

My presence online as well as in person; my goal has always been to do the following:

inspire, educate, empower, spread positive messages, guide, lead by example, help others help themselves and to coach effectively.


Did anyone notice that I didn't include the word MOTIVATE in the list above? I didn't set up the page or any other social media account to motivate you or anyone else but instead to help guide you to DISCOVER what actually motivates you! What motivates me is different from what motivates you or any other client I work with. There are many ways I can try to motivate you:

I CAN-push, support, encourage, be your #1 cheerleader, help, encourage, etc.

I can do a lot of things for you but two things I cannot do for you are:

1. I cannot do it for you ( I cannot do the actual exercise or work for you)

2. I cannot motivate you (that is internal, intrinsic)

Motivation by definition: the motive behind actions, the desire behind a behavior, the reason why you do something.

See now what I mean? You have to know your WHY, I cannot create it for you, your WHY is your motivation that drives you and propels your forward. So naturally I can't create that for you. Start with your WHY and then I can HELP you help yourself. Spend some quality time discovering what your WHY is then you can begin to set strong goals that I can help you achieve. I can coach you to help you on your discovery process too, it's another service I offer: Fitness Coaching, email me at fortheloveoffitness@hotmail.com to inquire.

I can do so many things for you to ensure you are set up to reach your goals. As your certified Personal Trainer


- design & teach you a customized exercise program for you to ACHIEVE your goals WHEN the program is followed as designed. The program will be based on the information provided during your detailed consultation which will cover your goals, needs, wants, lifestyle, fitness & medical history, etc.

- provide ongoing SUPPORT throughout your sessions as needed or warranted.

-I WILL set you up for success with the right tools, information and resources to EMPOWER you to achieve your goals.

Ask any of my current 51 personal training clients if this has been their experience or read a few testimonials below.


A few of you know why I do what I do; why I got into this profession and this industry. For those of you who don't, the reason is to help others help themselves. I am a helper at heart. I am passionate and some would describe me as "laser-focused" about the power of fitness. I truly want others to feel its power and reap its benefits. A few of you know the why (motivation) and how I got started into fitness myself 20 years ago but this post isn't about me but back then it was the same principle, helping me help myself through the healing power of fitness and now I help others help themselves do the same.

Join me, team up with me, embrace all the power and joy fitness brings rushing into your life!

Email me: fortheloveoffitness@hotmail.com

Twitter: @FitnessEMPOWERS

Facebook: facebook.com/doriswardpei

Instagram: @fortheloveoffitnesspei

Website: fortheloveoffitnesspei.com


PEOPLE ARE TALKING!!!! Check out what Doris’ clients have to say about her Personal training and Fitness Coaching Services at Naturally Fit PEI.

Personal Training with Doris: Using a unique blend of encouragement and firmness, personal training has helped me work towards my goals. I really appreciate how Doris listened to what I wanted to achieve and designed a varied and challenging workout regime for me to follow over the course of several and ongoing personal training sessions. She worked me hard and it would have been easy to give in but her motivation, constant support and enthusiasm was a real driving force to help me persevere and challenge my ability, I didn’t want to let either of us down!She is such a knowledgeable and personable personal trainer that I trust and value her guidance to drive me forward and I continue to follow her careful regime notes.” Personal training sessions with Doris were great, she designed me an exercise program tailored to my goals but I wanted more than an exercise program and that’s exactly what I got! ” Over the past 18 months I have been blown away by the coaching and training programs Doris has prepared, and the support she provided. (who else would stand outside on a cold Sunday morning to watch a client finish a marathon). Finally I just want to say that no one will be more committed to you and you goals.”

Fitness Coaching: Doris and I started working together with personal training sessions back in April of 2015 and in December 2015 we also have teamed up for her Fitness Coaching services, we meet weekly to discuss my action plan, my successes and challenges and also to review my goals and long term planning. Fitness Coaching with Doris was the missing piece of the puzzle I needed to achieve my overall goals and to stay on track long term. I needed the accountability she provides, the support she offers and the expertise of smart goal planning. I would highly recommend Fitness Coaching with Doris to anyone really looking to take their goals to the next level. When we started doing both personal training sessions and fitness coaching meetings the synergy of the combination was very powerful and really helped me succeed and progress. Fitness Coaching is time well invested, you get to team up with Doris to design a long term plan, review and check in on progress, discover new ways to meet your goals and also work together to achieve more than what you thought you could!

Gord McCarville September 2016

I had a fitness coaching session with Doris today, and I’m really glad I did. I was feeling a bit off track, and she helped me out a lot. We talked about my goals (which have changed since I first joined the gym), and she helped me with ideas around keeping motivated when I do workouts on my own as opposed to in the classes (I’ll still be doing classes, though, because I love them.). I can give you more detail in person, but I just want to say that the session with her today gave me the boost I needed. More people should take advantage of coaching sessions to stay on track, stay motivated, and not slip away from the gym. And I have to say kudos once again to Doris for taking her job so seriously and offering this service. In fact, my membership is coming up for renewal in early August, and I’m pleased to say I’ll be renewing because gosh darn, you guys and gals are just great! Talk soon!

Heather Seguin, June 2016

I began working with doris approximately 20 mths ago. Doris Continually provides me with positive feedback and encouragement on a daily basis. She always displays a positive attitude and helped me to have the confidence to achieve my goals. Doris always approaches her work with great enthusiasm, professionalism and she is a wonderful mentor. I have with great confidence and will continue to highly recommend her to my friends, family and associates!

Jennifer Lenentine, manager PEI Bioalliance

Doris will not only give you a program to follow but she will also give you the motivation and coaching to stick with it. She is 100% committed to your health and fitness goals and she will do whatever is necessary to help you achieve them.

Gary Conohan, Sales Manager Fair Isle Ford

"It never gets boring." "I really enjoy the varied circuit training style of training with Doris It never gets boring. Doris is a no nonsense trainer and a wonderful human being. She was born to be a trainer. Personal Training has taken my fitness, and my knowledge about fitness, to the next level.


I have been privileged to work with Doris Ward extensively over the past year and have referred her services to a number of my staff and personal friends. Doris is both professional in her communication skills as well as knowledge in fitness training. Her in depth comprehension of the human anatomy and capability to design programs to meet an individual’s needs have factored a great deal in my appreciation of her hard work. Doris has extensive experience in individual & group settings; I would highly recommend her to any individual.

Ron MacDougall, Owner MacDougall Steel Erectors