What it means to me to be your Personal Trainer.

I will never claim to know it all nor will I actually know it all but I will always continue to learn from others and take courses, attend workshops and participate in fitness conferences so I can grow and be the best personal trainer I can be for you. I have been a certified Personal Fitness Trainer since 2003 and I have learned so much over the years not just from courses and workshops and my own self-directed teaching through reading but also from my coworkers and my past employers they have been a wealth of information and resource too. My clients have also taught me lessons over the years that have proven to be so invaluable and I often said that I learn just as much from my clients as they learn from me. My point in all of this is that when I think of what it means to be a Personal Trainer many things come to mind but education and learning and growth are at the top of my list, never stop progressing and moving forward and staying up to date with the fitness industry; an industry that is constantly changing, moving and evolving.

Also at the top of my list when thinking what it means to be a Personal Trainer is compassion. Within compassion lies emphatic listening, leading with your heart, letting go of judgement and always encouraging others wherever they are in their fitness path. Encouraging you to move forward, push forward and always look forward. Take that step forward to start again and see the big picture. Know that I am there to encourage and inspire you along the way and be a part of your support system.

Equally important to being an effective and successful personal trainer is to understand people and personalities and have an understanding of how to build relationships in a genuine and authentic way. I pride myself on "being real". I don't hold back and let my own personality shine through in every single personal training session. Ask any of my clients. You will hear me laughing or telling a silly story or joke to a client and you might even overhear us giggling over something or maybe even witness us in a moment of personal sharing. Personal training is exactly that! PERSONAL. It gets personal and I take that seriously and when someone shares with me something deep and personal I ensure they feel that information will remain confidential and safe with me. I listen to what my clients have to say and only offer my voice if they ask me to provide my help and/or advice.

I entered this career to primarily to help others. I wanted to help others live healthier and more fit lives to improve their overall quality of life. That is the foundation of my career and as long as I am always following my foundation then I am doing what I love to do and what I am meant to do and that is what being a personal trainer means to me. Helping others. It's incredibly meaningful and rewarding every day. I have been training clients for over 14 years now and it never gets old when you have that magic moment with a client when they light up and start seeing and feeling what it means to feel good from the inside out! It's just a moment that I cannot put into words. I have had moments that have given me goosebumps, moments that have made me cry and moments that took my breath away and made me realize how blessed I am to do what I do, I am so grateful. I have the opportunity and privilege to help others through mindful movement to connect to their bodies to achieve their fitness goals and that role I take seriously and with honor.

Each client I work with I put forth an incredible amount of work to ensure I am meeting their needs, wants and desires for each session, I ask them for feedback and inquire if I am on track with what they came to me for and adjust if necessary. A lot of my work is "behind the scenes", I have a home office, that is where I design all my programs, answer all emails, do most of my research, reading, post-session notes, filing, etc. I make sure I keep in regular contact with my clients in between sessions to help encourage them to stay on track and develop long term strategies and habits to ensure their lifelong success. I help them to learn about how to tune into their body and how their mind and muscle work together for a more effective workout, I take a "head to toe" approach to every exercise to emphasize the whole body effect for each session. We discuss not only exercise and the mind body connection but we cover topics of nutrition, recovery, rest, sleep, hydration, lifestyle and any other topics clients wish to review that they feel play a role in their fitness path. Often I will email clients recipes and / or articles or fitness tips, how to overcome obstacles and sometimes even have fun contests in an effort to keep them inspired towards working their goals, I like to offer more than simply personal training sessions, I want to known as a full-service personal trainer that encompasses all aspects of health and fitness.

Being a personal trainer holds a great deal of responsibility for people's health and their body, you are accountable for their safety for that hour they are safe and secure at all times. Also their program design needs to be safe and effective for their fitness level and take into consideration any health or medical issues that they may have. Safety first is my #1 rule and priority with all clients, all of my clients have heard me say this to them and they all know how serious I am about it. Being your trainer I am constantly aware of your training environment and watching your posture and alignment and also choosing the proper weight and equipment for your safety as well.

As you can see being your personal trainer means so much more to me than that 1 hour we spend together. It's a relationship we build together based on hard work, sweat, a lot of discussion, some laughs, maybe some tears but most definitely smiles and success!