Unmotivated-turning it around

UNMOTIVATED. I felt that this morning. I hear this a lot from my clients and others often too, that the reason they get off track with their fitness goals is they feel unmotivated. I get it. Yes trainers can feel unmotivated too. So what do we do about it. Well for me I can share with you my experience this morning in the hopes that it may be helpful to inspire you in the future. *It is important to note though that you must know deep inside you what truly motivates you from the inside out. Spending quality time discovering what it is that really motivates you to keep pushing forward towards your goals is always time well spent. The thing or things that truly motivate you will always propel you forward when you are feeling less than eager to follow your workout plan for the day.

My plan for my workout today was to complete a 10 minute core routine as part of my run warm up then do 10-11 km run. When I woke up though these were the LAST things I wanted to do, so what did I do instead? I did everything I could to distract myself from my workout that I was supposed to be starting. Operation AVOID in full effect. After feeding my furbabies and organizing a few things in the kitchen, I baked 2 batches of cookies, promptly posted them on instagram @fortheloveoffitnesspei and worked on a few emails, then organized a sloppy corner in our garage that I had been putting off, then we decided to go out for breakfast! Ah avoidance success, an outing! BUT we get to breakfast and it's over! So we come back home and I end up having a situation where I have a long serious convo with my husband about my choices this weekend about my workouts and rest days and my distractions this morning. He is the best to talk to about this stuff, he sees how hard I work on my health and fitness and understand my level of dedication and commitment (we have been running together since 2003). After recognizing what I needed for my mind and body, I took myself to my bedroom to put on my running clothes then I shuffled to the front door to get my sneakers on and stood there trying to convince myself to get out the door for a run. I could not come up with a reason NOT to go. You see all I had were excuses. I recognize them a mile away. It's what I do. I can smell an excuse, I can see one coming, I can sense them brewing too. So when I try to use them on myself they totally don't work! So what did I do. I pushed myself. I reflected and made a choice. I told myself I would feel better after I ran. I told myself I didn't have to do my 10 minute core routine and that I could do 5k instead of 10-11 km. I reminded myself of my goals. I thought of my clients and how I would like to inspire them. I thought of the quality of life I want to live. I thought of the rest of the day and how I wanted to feel. and for all of those reasons I opened the door and left and ran! Here's what happened: I was not running more than 30 seconds and I got my runners high! It was amazing. I was so grateful to be running. I ran the full 11 km and yes it was tough and I still had to push myself through parts of the run but I did it! It was hilly and windy out and lots of spray from the roads as the car whizzed by after the heavy rains but I didn't mind. I was so glad I chose to go and pushed myself to get out there.

Sometimes when we feel unmotivated, simply recognize that fact and regroup and push yourself forward toward the goals you set for yourself and do your workout anyways and you'll be surprised to see how you feel! And it's okay to feel unmotivated, nothing wrong with it, it happens and it's part of the process, remind yourself of your abilities, your goals and modify your original workout plan for the day and move forward. Remember you have choices and you are in control of what you choose to do in these situations.

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