What you get when you hire me!

Hiring a Personal Trainer is a big decision and an important one to make correctly. It will be a time and effort investment and ensuring you get exactly what you want is key to getting your moneys worth. I like to learn my clients expectations about personal training and over the years have evolved my services as a result. Here is what you get when you hire me!

What you get when you hire Doris Ward as your Personal Trainer:

  • Customized exercise programs that are one of a kind and specifically designed to lead to your success.

  • Nutritional guidance to help you stick to eating healthier long term.

  • A trainer that has designed over 1000 custom exercise programs and helped people lose their last 10 pounds and also lose up to 100 pounds.

  • A trainer that gives 100% effort to every client & every session every time, she gives her best to help you achieve your best.

  • Education on anatomy, breathing techniques, posture, form, intensity and exercise formats.

  • A trainer that researches and educates herself on nutrition and its effect on the human body.

  • Body fat % testing and measurements, tracking and follow up.

  • A trainer that knows how to help you to avoid hitting exercise plateaus and implements strategies to ensure you don’t hit one.

  • A trainer that always makes sure at the end of each session that her client has a clear understanding of the exercises learned and what they need to do before the next session.

  • Each program she designs is reviewed for accuracy and tested prior to teaching it to her clients, to ensure the format flow is efficient and effective.

  • All the exercises performed are tested for function and the results that come with each.

  • Empowerment based one-on-one training to ensure you understand your program.

  • A safe training environment, her #1 rule is Safety First.

  • A typed and charted copy of your exercise program is provided to you so you always have the program details at your fingertips.

  • She leads with the end goal of her clients being able to perform the exercise program independently, accurately and effectively. She ensures by the last session that her clients fully understand all aspects of their program and that both she and her client are confident they can do it on their own without further supervision or correction.

  • Exercise programs that are home or travel based or specific to your personal equipment.

  • Tips, resources and updates on her website and blog that she specifically started/designed and dedicated to empower her clients to achieving their goals.

  • Referral Program: Offers you a free 30 min session if you refer a client to her that buys 6 or more sessions within 10 business days after their consultation.

  • Offers you a free 15min session (trust me she can teach a lot in 15min) for writing a testimonial (a paragraph or more) about your positive personal training experience

  • Stays up to date on fitness trends and new exercise research along with annual renewal of CPR and First Aid certification.

  • Continuing education is important to Doris, every year she attends workshops, course and conferences.

  • Her home telephone number-a trainer that takes her role seriously enough to give out her home telephone number for clients to call her to discuss their concerns, questions, challenges, progress.

  • A trainer that pushes herself outside her fitness comfort zone and tests her own limits in and outside the gym.

  • Book recommendations and lending from her personal library.

  • Sessions are fun, energetic, positive and effective.

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