The Power of one Post

Have you ever been inspired by someone else? I have. Recently I saw a post by a friend of mine who was sharing photos of her workout calendars. I loved the idea of these calendars and thought I would create one of my own for the month of November. I did it a little differently than she did but she was my source of inspiration and I thank her for that. She was the spark that led me to this photo you see here below. I regularly track my workouts, always have for many years but not in this way. I track them in my agenda book but this monthly calendar idea was a much simpler and quicker way to track them and I love the concept of ‘big picture’. When you look at the month as a whole instead of your workouts day to day it gives you a clearer picture of what you accomplished and also gives you an opportunity to plan ahead for any obstacles you may encounter too. So I wanted to share my calendar with you in the hopes that you find it helpful. All I did to set it up was google ‘printable free monthly calendar’ and I printed the month out and created my own legend and was ready to go! You can get creative with your own legend or symbols. Each day it took me 5 seconds to write down the letter, so this tracking calendar is really easy to record and I would also make a gentle suggestion to use it to plan ahead for your workouts too. Perhaps use a pencil to make a note of what workouts you plan to do on specific days and then give yourself a check mark or better yet a sticker!:) as you complete the workouts. There are so many ways to stay and get on track with your workouts, this is just one idea/tool. This calendar can be a great way to start setting goals too, it can be a source of planning for your health and fitness goals, take full advantage of the power of planning ahead. Thank you to my friend Brittany at Embody Living for sharing her workout calendars! Visit her Facebook page @embodywithbrittany to see the calendars that inspired me!

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