Celebrating YOU!

This month marks 15 years working as a certified Personal Fitness Trainer. I launched my career as a trainer at The Spa Total Fitness Centre in Charlottetown PEI where I worked for over 4 years then, moved to Fredericton and worked for GoodLife Fitness at the Master Trainer level, next we moved to Windsor NS where I worked at the Locker Room Health & Fitness Club, Ltd. Finally, we had our chance to move back to where I now call home, PEI and I opened up my own business, For the Love of Fitness PEI, and now offer my personal training services at NATURALLY FIT PEI in Charlottetown. I also now teach yoga and Pilates classes at the Town Hall in the Town of Cornwall PEI.

I have many people to thank who have supported and encouraged me over the years, people who have taught me incredibly valuable lessons I still implement today. I have been fortunate to work with some of the best of the best in the industry and observe their fitness fairy dust being spread. I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the most respected individuals in the industry who have set the standard and who continue to raise the bar for me and my level of quality of work with my clients and classes; for that I thank you.

I would like to celebrate this milestone by focusing on YOU and your successes, accomplishments and continued progress 😊 My personal training clients and class participants continue to set goals, push forward, do their best and aim high. I encourage you too to spend quality time focused on your why-your true motivation, your driving force so you too can achieve your goals and set new ones. My best advice is always plan ahead. And of course, have a plan B for when life tries to get in the way because it will.

Over the years clients have achieved goals they have set for their overall physical health, body fat loss, pull-ups, push-ups, 5km 10km and ½ marathon runs, obstacle course races, mental health, body confidence, muscle definition, feeling fit, lowering stress and anxiety, making exercise a habit, learning new ways to exercise and so many more! Isn’t that exciting?! Congrats to you for working hard, for your dedication to improving the quality of your lives through health and fitness!

I’ll close this post by saying THANK YOU to my past and existing clients not only for their business and continued loyalty, but for their amazing positive attitudes and ongoing willingness to try. You are the best teammates a trainer could ask for. Cheers to your success and your bright fitness future!

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