My Success is Your Success-I share this Award with YOU!

My Success is your Success - I share this Award with You!

Professional Development on BLAST! I was fortunate enough to attend the CanfitPro World Fitness Expo and Conference in Toronto on Aug 10-12th and participated in several workshops and lectures as part of my continuing education. I strive for excellence in my field and these opportunities help me ensure I stay current with the ever-changing fitness trends and that I can deliver what my clients need and want now and into the future.

I had the privilege of being surrounded by other fitness professionals across Canada and other parts of the world and was able to learn amazing new things, meet incredibly inspiring people and also grow in my own role as a fitness professional.

Here are the workshops I attended and participated in:

Your Brain on Yoga with YogaFit Canada-how yoga increases brain neuroplasticity and neurogenesis

YogaFit Hip Openers-anatomy of the hip, low back pain link, and link to trauma.

Yoga Anatomy: Compression, Tension and Orientation of the Human Anatomy

The Future of Personal Training: Perfecting Training Individualization

Trauma Informed: Inclusive teaching for All Students with YogaFit Canada

Jillian Michaels BodyShred-I worked out with Jillian Michaels!!!!!!!!!

Spirited Elements-mindful movement, breathing, meditation, yoga

The Space between Stress and Bliss-stress reduction and breathing techniques, lifestyle planning

I was also honored to be chosen as one of the top 3 Personal Training Specialists for the Fitness Professional of the Year award. Aside from getting married this has been the biggest and most exciting time of my life. It’s been a wonderful experience simply to attend this conference and be surrounded by all of the positive energy and the opportunity to learn new information and skills to share with my clients and participants. I am very grateful to have been chosen at one of the top 3 and felt that was my win. Being able to have my work recognized on a national level, attend a world class conference, receive professional development, be inspired by other fitness professionals and experience such a spectacular event is my win! I don’t need anything further. It was never a competition for me. I celebrate others successes. Others victories help us step into our own. I viewed the nomination as a recognition of my accomplishments and contributions to my community and to the fitness industry and I stand with my colleagues knowing we are all working towards the same goal of helping others get and stay healthy and fit. We all are deserving of recognition for our efforts and I applaud them for their incredible work and am proud to be standing along side them. Being #1 isn’t my goal, never has been. I compete with me, I strive for MY best and I don’t work hard to win prizes or be placed as top anything.

I did however get named as Personal Training Specialist of the Year by canfitpro and had the grand opportunity to get on stage in front of almost 2000 people to share my acceptance speech and bring attention to making mental health a priority, the healing power of fitness, the benefits of taking a mental health first aid course and the chance to talk about how we can help animals endure less suffering. This was so important to me and I feel it was the reward and an opportunity that I am truly grateful for. I was asked in an interview after winning the award what I thought winning this award would do for my business and my answer was that I would hope that it would give me more opportunities to talk about mental health, the healing power of fitness and helping animals. Please reach out to me if you are interested in talking with me about these topics.

Part of my award package includes $2500, that of which I will be making a donation to the PEI Humane Society, buying myself one pair of sneakers and the remainder will be used to pay for my YogaFit courses towards my trauma-sensitive yoga teacher certification.

I am lucky to have had my good friend Kendra Bernard record the announcement of the award and my acceptance speech and then have her post it on Facebook. She did a beautiful job of capturing the biggest event of my career and I thank her for that. Check out the videos here on my Facebook page. @DorisWardPEI

My success is built with my clients and participants and the people that encourage and support me so this nomination was not mine alone. I stand with many others for this nomination and I thank you all for helping me to get to where I am today. Many people helped me get to where I am by giving me valuable feedback and input, by leading by example, by supporting me with encouragement and by helping to build by business through word of mouth and social media. I share my award with the other nominees: Laura Jackson and Kathryn McKenzie, we are all working towards the same goal of helping others live healthy fit lives. I share my award with everyone who has supported me, encouraged me and who has helped me in any way during my career. This is award is not mine alone, it is built with many people and I recognize that and appreciate others for their contributions.

Sincerely, this is not about being the best of the best, it’s about being my best for my clients and participants 100% of the time for them to be THEIR best. This is not a competition or about winning. This award nomination for me is about recognition for the hard work and dedication I put forth and the opportunity to share my message in my speech. In the last year and a half, I have made a lot of changes personally and professionally and it’s reassuring to be recognized for those changes. Receiving this recognition has propelled me to continue to work towards my purpose and path on my career I look forward to what the rest of this year will bring. I have big plans for it and I have plans for 2019 already brewing. Stay tuned!