Money Talks but Clients Talk Louder

Money Talks but Clients Talk Louder

Working in the fitness industry for the purpose of making a large income was never my driver to get into this business. I wanted to become a personal trainer because I knew I wanted to help people and knew I COULD help people be better, do better and feel better in regards to their health and fitness.

In the past 15 + years I have worked in this role I have continued to learn that payment comes in many forms other than money. Sometimes payment comes in more important forms like when a client emails you to simply say thank you for the session today, it really helped me. That is payment that cannot be monetized. Sometimes payment comes in the form of you overhearing a class participant say to another class participant at the end of class that when they walked in to class they didn’t feel great but now they do. That is payment.

Sometimes payment comes in the form of simply seeing your client progress, seeing them be able to stick to their program consistently even with the many hurdles in life they face, see them be able to run their first 5 k after trying for many months and having setbacks but never ever giving up, or seeing them inspire other people because of their belief in themselves. Sometimes it's seeing them be able to achieve their goals and set new ones, seeing that light bulb go on when you introduce a new training concept to them, seeing a class participant having a fun time in class watching them smile, hearing from someone that read one of your articles that it really hit home for them and they enjoyed reading your article and knowing that you are making a positive difference in people’s lives one step at a time. One session at a time, one class at a time, one article, one workshop at a time. Payment in this role comes in many forms all of which I am grateful for and receive with open arms.

When I know that I can help someone continue to heal through the power of fitness that is payment. Fitness and mindful movement have the power to help one achieve the mind-body connection to help reduce stress, overcome and/or reduce anxiety and past trauma and if I can help anyone or just one person begin that process or continue that process that is payment and a privilege to help someone through that process.

This is why I do what I do. I love fitness, I love helping people and when you put that together and add in the fundraising I do to help animals you have my business of helping people love fitness with a side of community involvement for animals and it’s nothing short of something that gives me goosebumps when I know I am following my path and purpose.

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