Why I Post about Running and Races-and it might not be why you think 😊

When I post about the races that I participate in, it is not so you can check my race results or where I place. It is to encourage and inspire you to get or stay active in whatever you find enjoyable.

Posting about my races has nothing to do with me and everything to do with you!

My hope with these posts about running and races is that I can inspire someone to try something different like running or another event held around this beautiful Island. Perhaps trying a new activity that you have been wanting to try. If running isn’t your thing, because it’s not everyone’s thing, please know that a lot of these races have walking categories as well. You can search out races ahead of time by checking on-line for the details and decide for yourself if it’s something you want to participate in. All the races are fundraisers for local non-profit organizations. There are so many benefits to getting involved too. Not only do you give back to the community but you have the opportunity to work on your own fitness goals. Physical activity has a strong link to improved mental health. You get to meet and socialize with other people and the running community is very supportive and encouraging (studies have shown that social activities lead to increased happiness). If you have any questions or want tips with your own running, it’s a great place to learn from others.

Running in these races can of course be solely about competing with others or challenging yourself to a new personal best, which can be really exciting as well. Or you can take the approach of a fun run and run for the simple joy of running or enjoy mindful movement. Either way, you and the community will benefit.

If you choose to not participate in these races there are so many other physical activities across the Island for you to try that may become your “thing”. And let me tell you once you find your “thing”, you will soar! Keep seeking out what makes you excited to move, it’s worth the effort.

My Facebook page @DorisWardPEI is not a highlight reel about Doris Ward but a page for my business, For the Love of Fitness PEI. My role in my business is to inspire, provide fitness education, lead by example, and provide encouragement. With my Facebook page I carefully choose to post about things that I think will inspire you to move more or try something new or to get outside your comfort zone. Yes, it can be scary or feel hard but we grow from these experiences to a better version of ourselves. I also post articles that I feel have useful information. Of course, I post about my services that I offer such as the classes I teach and workshops I have coming up. My goal with my posts is to always ensure they are professional, positive, and informative. I want these posts to be helpful and inspiring in some way. I try to ensure they have a message or lesson attached to them that others may find encouraging in their own health and fitness path. Check out my Instagram account for more inspiring messages and posts @fortheloveoffitnesspei

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