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2018: The Year of Learning and Evolving

I believe in life we always have choices so here you are presented with two choices: the short version of my 2018 Year in Review below or you can read this full blog post full of all the juicy details of my year and what For the Love of Fitness PEI has in store for 2019!

Short Version:

WHAT A YEAR 2018 HAS BEEN! Check out what FOR THE LOVE OF FITNESS PEI has been up to!

20 fundraising races completed 1 NEW #YOGA class launched-Yoga for #ChronicPain Management 6 YogaFit courses completed 1 #Life Coaching course completed 1 #Mindfulness Practitioner Course completed 5 yoga workshops completed 2 fitness conferences attended 1 award received 4 articles published in Optimyz magazine 1 PEIHS Karma Personal Training fundraiser 1 workshop launched- #Body Image 1 certification earned: Trauma-Sensitive yoga teacher

100% full steam ahead for 2019!!! #LookOut2019

Coming in 2019 at Town of Cornwall PEI Town Hall:

1 NEW yoga class: Trauma-Informed Yoga 2 NEW workshops: Creating a #Mindful Life and the Everything #Running Workshop 1 #LearntoRun program-Spring 2019 1 more Yoga for Chronic Pain Management class starting Jan 9th 1 NEW #Pilates class starting Jan 10th 1 NEW PEI Humane Society fundraiser-announcement coming soon! 1 Special Announcement with OptiMYz Magazine Magazine-Feb 2019 More: articles with Optimyz magazine, Beginner Yoga classes, Life coaching, and Body Image workshops.

#Fitness #MentalHealth #Goals #LetsDoThis #WeGotThis

Juicier longer version…

A bit of history. I earned my personal training certification in 2003 and have offered personal training throughout the years working as an employee in several gyms across NB, PEI and NS. I taught spin classes since 2013 as a substitute instructor and a few group fitness classes over the years and was certified as Pilates instructor in 2006 and have been teaching those classes over the years as well.

Fast forward to 2014 when I registered For the Love of Fitness PEI as my business name and I became a proud small business owner. In 2015 I expanded my services to also include Fitness Coaching and in 2017, I continued to expand, but in a much larger way!

In 2017 I began to offer:

Private Yoga and Pilates sessions

Group Yoga and Pilates classes

Body Image workshops

Specialized yoga classes

Life Coaching sessions

Someone who has supported me and taught me a lot once referred to me as the “All in trainer”. Well, he was right and 2018 was no different; I was all in! For the Love of Fitness PEI has made many changes in 2018. It was a large decision for me to change locations to offer my services and also to pursue my certification as a Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher. My business evolved to also start offering workshops and also adding a new specialized yoga class, Yoga for Chronic Pain Management.

Both 2017 & 2018, I have also been a student. Embracing the beginner’s mindset, I’ve been humbled and reminded of how much I don’t know and I’m grateful for these lessons and reminders. My inspiration to learn, grow and evolve has never been stronger. The progress is slow, but it’s progress to be celebrated. I express the same sentiment to my clients and I practice it myself.

It has always been and continues to be important to me to always be learning and growing in my field and strive for excellence. I have always had a strong commitment to continuing education and it’s always been a valuable time and resource investment and this year was no different.

This year I may have spent equal time studying as I did work. I completed six YogaFit courses, attended two conferences in Toronto and completed five yoga workshops. Additionally, I completed formal training in life coaching, mindfulness, peer support group facilitation and earned my certification in Mental Health First Aid. I earned my certification as a Trauma-Sensitive Yoga teacher as well which will enable me to offer classes in trauma-informed yoga starting January 2019 at the Cornwall Town Hall.

2018 brought a new unique fundraiser for the PEI Humane Society: Karma Personal Training. This year I offered personal training sessions for donations to the PEI Humane Society and was able to present the organization with several contributions throughout the year.

Running races this year, I was able to push my edges differently than I have in the past. I increased the number of races I usually complete and ran 20 of them. I didn’t plan to complete 20, I was simply motivated and wanted to see what I could do so I went all in. Because I completed more than usual, I was able to contribute more to the running community as each race is a fundraiser for a local charity.

I also tried something new this year with races. I acted as a pacer in two races. It’s a great opportunity to support others achieve their race goals and give back to the running community that has given so much to me.

I have been writing for Optimyz magazine since 2010 and over the years 14 articles were published in their print version and seven online on their site In 2018 I had four articles published and am honored to be a part of a Canadian women’s wellness publication. Check out my current article about creating a positive body image on shelves now at Indigo and Superstore.

What’s next in 2019 with For the Love of Fitness PEI?

Body Image workshop-Jan 26th @Cornwall Town Hall-you must pre-register-email me at

NEW Mindfulness and Running Workshops-Winter and Spring 2019

NEW Trauma-Informed yoga classes @ Cornwall Town Hall-check out their Winter Program Flyer online at for all of my class listings.

MORE Yoga for Chronic Pain Management classes-You must pre-register for these classes, call the Cornwall Town Hall at 566-2354 to register, classes start Jan 9th!

NEW Learn to Run program-Spring 2019

MORE Optimyz articles-get your copy on shelves across Canada at Indigo/Chapters and Superstore/Loblaws

NEW PEI Humane Society Fundraiser-announcement coming soon on my Facebook page @DorisWardPEI

The turn of the New Year is one of my favorite times of year. The energy, motivation and spark in everyone’s eyes to create their best selves is so uplifting!

I love goal setting for me, for you, for everyone! Goal setting, a designing of your life, aligning your priorities, making choices in the right direction and planning your future! Exciting right?! Goal setting is part of my role in personal training, as well as fitness and life coaching, and it will also be a part of the running workshop and learn to run program. I offer it with my private Pilates and Yoga clients too.

I also offer public speaking on the topic of goal setting. Join me Jan 19th at the Charlottetown Running Room at 11 am for my interactive presentation on EVERYTHING Goal setting!

It’s been quite the year. Has there been hiccups, obstacles, fears and doubts? Yes. There always are and will continue to be. What’s important is that I learn from the bumps in the road. I am grateful for the lessons from owning a business, from the people that I work with and get to meet along the way. Just as much as I am their teacher, they are my teacher too.

Work-life balance is something I am always striving towards. I don’t believe it’s 100% possible or exists perfectly but I do believe that as long as I am actively working towards it that is what is best for me. I actively take steps to take care of myself to be my best for me and for others. I align my choices with my priorities, do my best, continue to look for growth opportunities and remind myself to breathe a little deeper.

2019 is coming and I’m excited and admittedly nervous for it too. Why? I have high hopes, expectations and big goals and dreams for my business and I want to positively impact as many people as I can. I am nervous about my own expectations and if I can do it all. I have set strategies in place to keep myself in check to ensure I am not taking on too many commitments and I know my red flags when I start to get overwhelmed and what to do about them. Asking for help, were all told is okay and in fact encouraged these days so I do reach out to people and ask for their support. Then I practice letting go of the expectation and attachment of them following through and that’s a work in progress.

Over the last three years my approach and the way I communicate with clients and participants has changed and I am glad about that. My approach is now choice-based led while helping them to make the mind-body connection. I have become much more aware of a powerful way to support and guide other that has really been able to make incredible positive impacts on others I work with. It’s been a welcomed mind shift working from the inside out to feel your best. I have become aware that working from the inside out is the most powerful and effective way to help others feel their best, achieve what they set out to do, and have the highest quality of life. That being said, I also believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach and that my way isn’t the only way or always the right way. I adjust as I go if this approach doesn’t seem to be working to find another way that works better for my client or participant but I will say that this new approach works far better far more often than the old style.

Thank you 2018 for the growth, lessons and I welcome 2019’s lessons, mistakes, failures, successes and beauty.

2019 here we come! Who’s with me?

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