I've Lost count of the reps but not the People

If you know me, worked with me, or taken a class from me you know I can’t keep count that well. Weird for a fitness professional right? Guess what, we aren’t perfect! *GASP* I know, it’s true. On a good day I struggle to remember my left and right when I teach yoga. I just make a joke out of it in class and my participants laugh along with me, or at least I think that’s what’s happening. I think it’s important to make fitness fun and if it’s at my own expense that’s A-Okay by me.

So yes, back to losing count. I have lost count how many times this question was asked this week:

“Did you win?”

The answer is, “No, my top 3 status remains and I am celebrating that.” Being chosen as one of the top 3 finalists for fitness professional of the year with Canfitpro is truly an honor and I take it seriously and also realize the responsibility it holds. Last year at the canfitpro conference closing ceremonies I was able to spread my message of mental health awareness and helping animals during my acceptance speech and I continued to highlight those topics throughout 2018 as well as putting an emphasis on improving body image (If you want to hear this speech and read more details about the award, click on the MEDIA tab on my website fortheloveoffitnesspei.com). Throughout 2019 those messages stayed strong and they will continue to as this year comes to an end and we welcome 2020. I strongly feel these topics are important and need more light shone on them. I do this by taking action through offering workshops to educate others on them, talking about my own mental health issues to share and connect with others, writing articles on these topics and through participating in fundraisers to give back and raise funds.

In my mind and heart, I also celebrate that I am working in an industry that excites me and that gifts me an opportunity to help others feel good from the inside out and from the outside all the way back in. My work is purpose driven, heart-filled and passion fueled. I believe in my work. I believe in myself. I believe in the people I work with. I am excited about what we can continue to accomplish together.

Every day I am grateful that I have the ability to put forth a lot of effort to guide and support others to feel their best and realize their full potential whether it be through personal training, coaching, yoga, Pilates or my workshops or articles in Optimyz magazine. Over the years my abilities have varied and no doubt in the future they will again but for now I am working with my current level of abilities and pushing forward in ways that are best for my long-term health.

My fitness career started in 2003 and I am so grateful for all the support along the way. I can’t do what I do without the support I have, all the cheerleaders, coaching, mentors and people that help me make happen what I envision. Let me tell you about all the people that have had a hand in building my success, lifting me up and supporting me in the ways I have needed to grow and achieve my career goals.

The Town of Cornwall staff are incredible helping me advertise and promote the yoga classes, organize room rentals, provide space for my work and complete registrations for classes. My clients are my champions! They spread positive word of mouth to others and help me build my business and they also lift me up on a daily basis and let me tell you they teach me just as much as I teach them. My yoga class participants are so lovely and we have fun together learning and progressing our yoga postures together. They help to recruit other participants to fill the classes and keep them alive to spread the joy of mindful movement. My private Pilates and coaching clients are truly amazing and so dedicated, they inspire me! They come weekly with their best selves ready to go and geared up for a challenge! Optimyz magazine has a wonderful team that supports me to write about topics I feel would be of benefit for Canadian women to help feel and be their best. Since 2010 I have published both online and print articles with Optimyz on a wide array of health, wellness and fitness topics such as healthy aging, body image, running, core strength, work-life balance and the healing power of fitness.

The attendees of my workshops help to provide input to improve future workshops showing me where I have growth opportunities as well as where I am doing well. They inspire me to be better and propel me to refine my skills for future attendees. I also enjoy hearing differing perspectives during group discussions and activities. I am always pleased to witness the personal connections and unique experiences that are built during the workshops. My friends are key to my success by having my back and heart when I need them the most. On the days when I need a boost, they are there for me and they give me just the right perspective I need when I lose sight of it. My husband supports me in the most unwavering ways and has been by my side since the beginning of my career and has grown through all of this with me and I am so grateful for his love, guidance and knowledge. Last but certainly not least, my peers and past employers in this exciting and ever evolving industry have inspired me, pushed me in the best ways and continue to help me to set the bar higher for excellence.

Careers and their success are not built by one person. They are grown and cultivated by many people. My definition of success is a broad one. Awards are included but a big part of my definition are my client’s accomplishments and how they feel, what they achieve and what we work on together to move them closer to their goals. I am thankful for all of you and honored to have the privilege to work with you learning along side you. I appreciate all of your efforts to help me to grow and flourish.

Your social media post shares and likes are key to helping me grow my programs, services and classes. Keep doing that! Without support from you and without you registering and signing up for my services it makes it challenging to continue to offer them. I have big goals and exciting dreams for my business to expand and offer more frequent workshops and begin to run wellness retreats. Your support helping me to spread the word about my services and registering for them is what helps to make these goals and dreams come to life! I look forward to what the rest of 2019 has in store and excited to bring you more in 2020! Let’s DO THIS!

#GratefultobeAble #LeadByExample #TrueSupportBuildsRealSuccess

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