Celebrating FIVE Years with For the Love of Fitness PEI

This month I am celebrating For the Love of Fitness PEI’s five year birthday. Even though it has only been five years, it feels much longer than that as I have worked in the fitness industry since 2003 and have always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. I grew up watching my father run his small business from home and learned many lessons of what to do and what not to do. I also adopted my strong work ethic from my father, thanks Dad! 😊

I entered the industry in 2003 and started marketing myself and my services just like I was a small business owner. Oftentimes, in the fitness industry when you are a personal trainer working in a privately-owned gym, you do have to market yourself to build your clientele. So many tasks, strategies and practices are similar to being an entrepreneur. For the first decade of my career I was preparing myself to open my own business. I created my own ads, reached out to organizations to gain speaking experience, volunteered to learn more skills in areas that I wanted to explore, designed specialized small group programs, and facilitated learn to run programs. From my home office I maintained my files where I also designed programs, answered emails, prepared for consultations, submitted my invoices for projects and weekly hours, and worked on my own goal setting. Really not that much different from today other than freedom to make my own schedule, freedom to create my own policies and procedures and marketing.

I would love to share my career history with you. I first started working as a personal trainer at the Spa Total Fitness Center in 2003 where I also offered specialty small group training and one-on-one personal training. I also worked as a Pilates Instructor at The Pilates Centre from 2005-2007. Throughout 2003-2009 I also was employed at the Royal Bank of Canada, Reddin Mortgage Group and Scotia McLeod. In 2009, my husband and I moved to Fredericton NB where I worked as a personal trainer at Goodlife Fitness. In 2011, we moved to Windsor NS where I worked as a personal trainer at the Locker Room Health and Fitness Club. During my time there, I earned my spin certification and taught indoor cycling classes and also offered small group fitness classes.

In 2014, we moved back to PEI and in October and I registered my business name and that’s when For the Love of Fitness PEI was born. In November, I started offering my services at Naturally Fit PEI as a personal trainer. In 2015, I expanded my services and started offering fitness coaching and also began my fundraising efforts in support of the PEI Humane Society. I was also the Health and Wellness Coordinator for the Native Council during the summer of 2016. In April of 2017, I started teaching group Pilates classes at the Cornwall Town Hall. In June of 2017, I added group Yoga classes to my schedule. Since July of 2018, I have been offering all of my services and classes from the private community room at the Cornwall Town Hall.

It was because of our teamwork that I was deeply honored to be named Personal Trainer of the Year in 2018, and Fitness Professional of the Year Finalist for 2019! I was also identified as a national Top Health and Fitness Influencer. Most recently, For the Love of Fitness PEI and my services have been recognized as body positive by Superfit Hero.

My business name came to me very easily. I love fitness and I love PEI. My email address has been fortheloveoffitness@hotmail.com even before I entered the industry, and when I moved back to PEI in 2014 I knew my business name had to have my beloved PEI in it. I love it here. It’s home. Even though I was born and raised in NB, this island is my home. My husband and I moved in together in our first home here in 2003. We adopted our cats from the PEI Humane Society, I started my fitness career here, we were married here on PEI and I have developed the most incredible friendships here. The people of PEI are truly wonderful and special. My friends back in NB and NS are totally awesome and golden too! I am very grateful to have all of these people and animals in my life.

PEI has been such a wonderful place to build my career and expand into becoming a small business owner. In the last five years I have grown from offering personal training to also offering the following:

• Fitness & body image coaching • Body Image workshops • Yoga classes (Beginner Yoga, Trauma-Informed Yoga and Yoga for Chronic Pain Management) • Goal Setting workshops • Running Workshops • Learn to Run programs and • Private Yoga and Pilates sessions. • I continue to write for Optimyz magazine on various fitness and well-being topics • Speaking engagements • Retreats

This five-year celebration is all about YOU! It is really about my clients, class participants and workshop attendees and everyone in between! I AM CELEBRATING you for showing up how you choose to, for the days where it’s extra hard to and for making tough decisions for yourself to take care of yourself to BE and FEEL your best.

I am so proud of my client’s accomplishments and their progress. We team up to work through obstacles and develop solutions that work best for their needs, goals and lifestyles. I celebrate their steps to adopt healthy habits, moving towards positive mindsets and setting new goals for themselves. I am always excited to be a part of this process but even more excited when they get to realize their full potential. It’s amazing to guide others along this path and I recognize how much of an honor and privilege it is as well. My class participants have shared with me that they have grown, and been able to remain consistent with their fitness habits and I applaud that in a big way! My body image workshop attendees have many reasons to celebrate for moving towards body acceptance. This is hard work and it’s daily work that continues to challenge all of us but together we can continue to move forward on cultivating a positive body image. I have also led workshops on running and goal setting and know my attendees are doing well applying the tools and strategies presented and let’s celebrate those efforts too! My Learn to Run group from the spring worked very hard and some of them completed their first 5K race this summer! YES! Amazing! So many reasons to celebrate!

I am so grateful to for those of you that support my small business, believe in the work I am doing and contribute my overall vision. I thank ALL of you for your support, loyalty and business over the years. Support comes in many forms and I appreciate all of it. A like, a share, forwarding one of my emails, telling a friend or someone in your network about my services, attending one my workshops, reading my articles in Optimyz or signing up for my yoga classes, or helping me make business decisions-these all are ways to support me and I am so grateful you have guided me like I enjoy guiding you. Thank you!

What’s in store with For the Love of Fitness PEI? In the immediate future I have the following exciting events I am offering: Oct 31st: KARMA Yoga/Pilates Fusion class in support of the PEI Humane Society At the Cornwall Town Hall. Full details on my Facebook page in the events section. Nov 2nd: I am the Keynote speaker for the Fitness NB Annual Personal Training & Fitness Summit. Nov 16th: Body Image Workshop at the Cornwall Town Hall, please visit my Facebook page to and click on events for full details.

As I continue to work towards aligning my priorities and streamlining my services, my dedication to lifelong learning will remain strong as will my fundraising efforts with the PEI Humane Society. My commitment to customer service excellence and providing quality education will also be a constant. I will also keep my own personal promise to take care of myself so I can continue to BE and FEEL my best and to also give my best to others.

Cheers to much more progress, celebrations, growth and learning opportunities together!

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