Taking Care

Continuing to take care of ourselves as we transition to our new reality is key to navigating these uncharted waters so we can be stronger on the other side of the shore.

This time in history is unique, new and evolving very fast. It’s also a time of creativity, innovation

, leadership and compassion.

Everyone is impacted by a crisis differently and everyone responds differently, there is no right or wrong way. We can however join together to help each other find our way through this uncharted territory, provide support and share ideas.

I’m sharing what’s working for me and how I am choosing to manage this experience in the hopes that it helps you in some way.

I continue to take care of myself in the following ways:

  • Eating nourishing food

  • Keeping my routine and habits that help me to be and feel well

  • Taking walks while observing social distancing. The sun, fresh air and being in nature is very refreshing.

  • Maintaining my sleep routine.

  • Drinking lots of water.

  • Journaling and writing. I really enjoy writing and during these times, doing what we enjoy is important.

  • Asking for help and offering help to others.

  • Continuing my at-home workouts. I really enjoy them and it’s something I have been doing for years so it’s my regular routine. This includes my physiotherapy exercises too.

  • Mindfulness and meditation. I am trying new meditations that people are sharing online and taking more time for mindfulness practices. If you need any resources (links) to meditations I can send you some, email me at fortheloveoffitness@hotmail.com

  • Spend time with my cats! They are so fun and adorable!

  • Connect with my friends

  • Read: I always have a few books ready to be read on my nightstand.

  • Self-reflection: I spend time doing this often and now more than ever, I have a lot to think over.

  • Learning! I have signed up for many free webinars and online workshops. I regularly dedicate time to continuing education and during this unique time there are many online educational resources and learning opportunities available, I am taking advantage of that personally and professionally.

Just like everything is changing and evolving so fast, this list is also changing too. I am adapting and doing my best to be resilient while also being patient with myself and this process. Even though our lives flipped upside down almost overnight, we don’t have to expect ourselves to adapt overnight.

Take care of you and others. We will get through together.

We are in uncertain times. Stress can be high. Finding calm is key. Read this article for ideas:


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