Building the Path of Compassion Together

Let’s Build the Path of Compassion Together

“We’re all in this together.”

This phrase is the echoed phrase we continue to be reminded of in this pandemic.

It’s true we are all experiencing this pandemic at the same time and together.

What’s key though is that we are all experiencing this pandemic very differently. We are all processing at our own pace and reacting in our own ways. There are many paths through this pandemic to lead us to survive, heal and thrive. It’s not about the right way, but finding the best way for you.

Some of us are in survival mode. Our flight/fight/freeze systems have instinctively turned on. This automatic reaction is out of our control. Others are experiencing stages and cycles such as denial, anger, grief, depression and acceptance. Some are flowing through a range of emotions and reacting in their own ways.

Let’s remember we are all responding differently to the same experience and we can have compassion for this. We can express kindness and empathy when and where we can. We don’t have to understand the why beyond people’s actions or behaviors, but we can be patient and good to one another.

We’ve been:

Advised to stay at home

Suggested to work from home when/if possible

Encouraged to workout at home

These, among other necessary and important public health measures, will keep us healthy and strong long-term. With these measures, let’s remember the following:

Not everyone has a safe home or a home at all

Not everyone has the ability or resources to work at home or an employer that is willing or able to make arrangements to help them work from home

Some are currently unemployed and some were unemployed or in another non-income earning scenario prior to the pandemic

Not everyone has the ability or capacity nor the motivation to workout at home

The point is, we live in a diverse society and rapidly changing new world. It’s even more important during these times to consider that everyone is in a unique situation in and out of their homes. Let’s move forward through this time together without passing judgment. Respect and kindness are always welcomed gestures especially during trying times like these.

Lend a hand where you can, reach out to others to offer support and seek out other ways you can help. Taking care of yourself is equally important so we can all persevere and maintain our inner and outer strength to make it through this together, we got this!


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