Meditation, who has time for that?

Meditation and Mindfulness-who has time for that⁉️

a I thought that too. Then I was formally introduced to it through my yoga training with YogaFit . It was then that I experienced and fully understood the power of it.

Studies have shown meditation can help to reduce stress and anxiety among a long list of other benefits. I think during this global health crisis, now more than ever we could all use a little help in the area of stress reduction


So, do you have time to meditate? How about just under 2 minutes?

I wrote and recorded this meditation for you. It is written to help guide in stress reduction and grounding through breath awareness.

This was my 4th PRO TIP that I mentioned in my post on Linked In 4 days ago when I talked about ways we can continue to enhance our health from home. Check it out here:

Curious about my training and continuing education around meditation and mindfulness? Here’s my list of completed learning:

- Mindfulness Practitioner course 2018 - Meditation and Mindfulness course with YogaFit 2018 - Leading yoga classes since June 2017 with guided meditation in each class. - Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction 12-week course 2019 - Over 120 hours of YogaFit training including guided meditation

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