Morning Run Stories

Lessons, Insights and WHOA’s!

This trio includes: Wearing fewer clothes, progress with my own body confidence path and kissing a man that’s not my husband.

This gorgeous spring morning brought extra energy to my run today.

Let me give you a visual. The birds were singing, it’s sunny, warm, there’s a nice breeze, dry roads-outdoor conditions for a runner’s dream. Today’s run around Cornwall PEI, as per usual brought observations, insights, inspirations, some discomfort, challenges, lessons, and WHOA’s!

I’ll focus on just a select few to share with you in the hopes you enjoy the stories, learn something helpful and maybe get inspired by one or more of the aspects of this post.

Lesson #1: By km 2 I’m reminded that even after 20+ years of running outside, I still over-dress in the spring when I go out for a run. So, it’s time for me to maybe leave the winter gloves and hat at home next time when it’s almost 10 degrees out. Always learning! Doris, wear fewer clothes!

Lesson #2: By km 5’ish my body was talking to me saying the 8 k I had planned might need to change. I decided then that I would adjust by slowing down and if my body kept giving that signal, that I would walk back home. It didn’t and I was able to finish the 8 k with my adjustments. Listening and responding to my body I have to say is one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over the years

that continues to be a teacher. The body has wisdom and we can benefit from learning to trust it. The signals give us a road map and if we pay attention to the map, we can be our own captains and move in the directions that are best and right for our body.

Insight: By km 4 I ran by a woman that I ran by about 3 weeks ago on another run and at that time she complimented me on my long bright orange running tights. I love my bright orange tights. They are bold, spunky and fun! I’m sure others think they’re weird and maybe ugly but I don’t care and she clearly didn’t either. When I saw her today, I was reminded of that compliment and I thought to myself, I must wear my coral capris soon! I have this pair of bright, almost neon coral-colored capris that I love. But here’s the thing. I haven’t worn them in 3+ years and here’s why. They were capris that I had decided I would only wear, “when I” or “if I”, looked a certain way or weighed a certain amount. For years I decided what I would wear in life based on this preface.

Fast forward to today’s insight, I realized that I thought about wearing those tights without the “if” or “when”. My automatic thought was to wear them because I simply wanted to wear them, nothing more, without having to “be” anything or try to change anything about myself to be able to wear them. This was my insight today and it’s an important one. To know that I automatically have the thought now to just wear whatever I want to wear when I want to is a mindset shift I have worked on for a long time but today I realized it just happened. That’s body confidence in full effect.

I’ve done a lot of research, learning, challenged my beliefs, biases, stereotypes and worked through the things I used to teach and sell to my clients. I have worked hard to get my mind to where it is today with my body image. This healing is a path and it’s hard work but totally worth it. There is no finish line like when I run in a race but it is like training. Training for life, a life of practicing compassion and non-judgement with yourself and others, and embracing all bodies including yours as good and valuable as they are right now. Healing is on a continuum and I’m proud and excited to have this mindset and share it with others. Feeling good on the inside helps you to glow on the outside. Bright neon tights help too!

WHOA: Around km 3 or 4, I saw a man in his back yard raking his lawn with his dog nearby. He then paused his raking as his dog approached him for a pat and the man so gently bent down to lovingly kiss his dog on his head. My heart melted into a puddle! I almost jumped his fenced-in yard and kissed both of them. But

WHOA! I’m married so I’d be breaking important promises and a long list of rules including those of Dr. Morrison’s. She is on my list of people I want to meet someday so for these reasons, I didn’t jump the fence. I’m not so sure I could jump that fence anyway but I do believe that trying new things and challenging yourself is important for personal growth! Maybe I should add my box jumps back into my workout routine just in case I have to jump a fence one day…

My run was rounded out by seeing lots of Islanders out for walks, me swooning over cute dogs and absolutely loving this run. Not every run feels amazing and goes as “planned” and that’s okay, it’s all part of learning, gaining insight and living in this world. I am incredibly grateful to run the way I do, often as I do and for the continued inspiration I receive while I’m taking it all in stride.

Running Stories & Suggestions Recap:

Wear less in the springtime to adjust for the change in temperature AND definitely wear the tights! (or whatever you want! Because you can!)

Kissing and running don’t mix especially when it’s not your husband.

Respond to your body, it knows the way.

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