Taming the Ups and Downs of Today for a Stronger Tomorrow, Together

I’ve cried over the thought of losing my business.

  • I’ve cried over the gratitude for living in PEI and for being a Canadian.

I’ve lost sleep over the fear and creeping panic

  • I’ve been checked in on and supported by others

My heart has raced over thoughts of what-ifs and why is this happening and what’s next.

  • I’ve reflected on what I am learning through this experience

My hands have shaken from being overwhelmed with the news cycle and endless information overload

  • I’ve shared resources with others and offered help to others

My muscles have been so tense from trying to keep up with the updates and emails

  • I’ve checked in on so many people I’ve lost count, and that’s a good thing

My stomach is tight and aching

  • My body awareness is gifting me with these signals and telling me to slow down and take breaks

I’m sad and scared for people and what might happen to their overall health, homes and businesses

  • I’m so thankful for our hard-working essential staff and front-line workers

I’m dizzy with the levels of stress I am experiencing

  • I’m empowered with mindfulness and mind-body connection techniques that I’m now using

I'm out of my comfort zone with the next steps for my business and it’s scary

  • I have registered for webinars and workshops with industry experts to learn and be guided

My heart flutters every time I hear the new number of those infected in Canada

  • I’m reminded of all the people in government and the front lines working so hard to protect us

I really miss seeing my clients and class participants and being able to “go” to work

  • I’ve learned we can connect in other ways and how a crisis actually brings people together

Through all of this, we are not alone. We can recognize our emotions, body sensations and thoughts then put to work what we know is best for us or reach out for help. In such a unique time in history, there are no right or wrong ways to react or adapt to our new “normal”. Let’s do our best, help others do the same and give ourselves some grace while we cope. In time, we will look back and be proud of how we came together.

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