Feeling Rusty?

What a year it has been!

You probably didn't plan on your world to look or feel this way. That feeling is felt by many and we can work through this. I can help.

Let's do a check-in!

Many people have shared with me that they are feeling a little "rusty". During this pandemic, we have been presented with new challenges, obstacles and tough times which has resulted in some of our fitness routines and health habits shifting. Some of us are feeling a little "off" or "rusty", maybe a little stiff in our bodies and craving to get back feeling more consistent with our health and fitness goals.

That's okay and totally normal. Life isn't linear and neither is the path to our goals. This ride of life takes breaks, detours and has obstacles and hurdles to navigate. But don't let those be your stop sign.

Don't put your goals or dreams in isolation! Dust them off and get them and yourself moving and grooving again.

Here are some hot pro tips to get your motivation boosted again:

1. Write down your goals-writing them down has been shown to increase your probability of achieving them. After you have written them down, post them up in a few places around your home where you can see them as reminders of what you are working towards.

2. Move your body in a way you enjoy-discover a type of exercise or workout you like! Start with 10 minutes and go easy on yourself physically and mentally.

3. Tame the inner critic-the first step in working with this shame speaker is recognizing the language when you hear it in your head or when you speak. Awareness. This is a powerful tool and step in helping to keep your inner critic at bay and begin to create space for confidence. When you can pause and hear the negative self-talk, you then have the opportunity to neutralize it or change it. Awareness of the negative speak loop can help you to begin to break the loop and finally befriend your inner critic.

4. Start a new health-promoting habit-you get to choose what it is but make it simple, convenient and quick. It could be something like adding one more cup of water to your daily intake, adding 5 more minutes to your walk or writing down three things you are grateful for each morning.

5. Breathe-but wait, you are already breathing so now I invite you to NOTICE your breath. Take the time to pause and notice your inhale and exhales. Simply notice your breath. You don't need to change it but instead, simply notice it, the length of the inhale & exhale, where the breath enters, how your body moves with the inhale & exhale and the feeling the breath leave the body. This helps you to tune into your body which in time helps you to discover what your body and mind need and want to help you to shape future goals.

As we add some or all of these 5 tips into our lives, we can let go of a few things too, right?

How about the expectations we place on ourselves that cause anxiety, sleepless nights and perfectionism? They don't serve you.

What about the judgement we so quickly invite in? Let's practice non-judgement for ourselves and others and instead invite in compassion and collective care.

What else can you let go of that isn't helping you to feel your best?

Self-reflection can be a powerful tool as can writing out your thoughts.

Let me just say that even though things are hard right now, I bet you have done hard things before. Right? Right! I invite you to continue to work towards your goals and dreams.

You are meant to shine. Be Fierce. Be Strong inside and out.

Be Confident and Uniquely you!

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