2021 Here We Come!

Season's Greetings Everyone!

2020 Gratitude and 2021 Here we Come!

This is a time of year where many of us reflect on our year, gather with friends and family and prepare for the new year. As I reflect on 2020, I am reminded of so many both wonderful and trying moments and I’ve had as a business and also personally.

As for the wonderful moments, what really comes to mind are the people behind them and the heartfelt thoughts, feedback and support I have received. I am grateful. I am equally grateful for the challenges faced this year as a business and an individual. I have grown in ways I needed to and made changes to adapt and accommodate our new times.

What's next for 2021? Time will tell. I've learned many lessons this year, one of them is that anything can change at any moment and be accepting of the rapidly evolving times we are now living in.

I'd like to share my gratitude for the folks and organizations that partnered and supported me this year:

Thank you to the Town of Cornwall - Reflecting back over this year I enjoyed partnering with the helpful staff at the Town of Cornwall to bring the community two specialized yoga classes (Yoga for Chronic Pain Management and Trauma-Informed Yoga), group Pilates classes and the NEW group coaching program-Stress Resiliency through Mindfulness & Meditation.

Thank you to my community and partners-

COMMUNITY: I had the opportunity to partner with UPEI to lead Trauma-Informed yoga classes for their students, Yoga at the Spa Total Fitness Center, and the PEI Humane Society with my KARMA Yoga/Pilates class fundraisers.

PARTNERS: Unsinkable, a not-for-profit organization that cares about mental, physical, social and spiritual health. They share stories, amplify voices and offer a community of support, resources, and programs built with well-being in mind. In August, I had the honor to be one of their health pro's and I shared my own experiences of mental health. Read more here: https://weareunsinkable.com/the-stormy-secret-the-fight-the-true-self/

FitBiz Weekly: I had the opportunity to write for this national publication this year. Check out the articles here: https://fitbizweekly.ca/our-evolving-fitness-industry/ https://fitbizweekly.ca/movement-in-new-ways-for-new-times/

Thank you for the recognition and media- Early this year I was named one of Canada’s top health and fitness influencers for being a leader in creating a path to better health for Canadians. Thank you to the editors of Optimyz magazine for the incredible honor. This past February I was named one of Canada's Top 10 Trainers by Impact Magazine. In May, I was recognized as Trainer of the Month by Personal Fitness Professional Magazine.

Thank you to my clients - I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to my clients who have worked very hard throughout the year towards their goals and building healthy habits. It’s both an honor and privilege for me to work with you along with your fitness and wellness path, thank you for trusting in me to guide you through this process. I’ve enjoyed celebrating your successes, guiding you through obstacles and inspiring you to realize your full potential.

Thank you for your business and loyalty - To my workshop attendees, yoga class participants and those that have attended one of my special programs, fundraisers or events, thank you for your participation, input and your support. Beliefs and Values I've always strived to offer my services on these foundational guidelines:

That movement/exercise can and should be enjoyable and that everyone has the right to fitness. That movement/exercise has powerful healing benefits in addition to strength and cardiovascular health for chronic pain reduction, regulating difficult emotions, and helping those who’ve experienced trauma. That we can change our mindset for the better to help us move forward impacting many aspects of our lives. That sharing information, tools, resources and strategies with clients and peers in the industry helps everyone to learn and grow. That small businesses can make a positive impact in their community and have a potential wider ripple effect. Thank you for joining and supporting me with my mission and outlook. Whether you signed up for a workshop, purchased a private session, registered for a yoga session, read one of my blog posts or Optimyz articles, referred someone my way, liked and shared my social media posts, or guided me with a business question I had-you are appreciated!

NEW & improved in 2020! Even though this year was my most trying year in business, I made the most of it by focusing on three important aspects: continuing to deliver superior customer service, continuing to learn and uplevel my skills, and adapting my business to the evolving times.

Customer Service: I focused on regular contact by email, offering up my telephone number for an additional option to stay in touch, consistent social media posting of helpful and informative information for your well-being and as always, giving my 100% at every session, class and program I delivered. I started offering Zoom and Skype options as well as outdoor sessions to accommodate our changing times. I added email coaching at a special rate for a limited time to allow for financial flexibility as I recognize the pandemic has impacted many of us financially.

Continuing education: I completed several webinars and workshops to improve my social media skills, business marketing, branding and also learned new technology skills. I also completed courses on the following: Stress Resiliency, Mindfulness for Chronic Pain, Body Acceptance, Diet Culture, Traumatic Stress and the Breath and of course my annual CPR training.

Business Development: My logo was designed this year and I love it! I worked incredibly hard and long on it and it was worth it! I also worked with an incredible photographer here on PEI, Jill Conohan to capture many photos that I need for future posts, blogs, article submissions and my upcoming website. My new website has been a long-awaited and planned project of mine for years. Chelsey Lake along with Bethan Davis of Lake Design helped make it a reality. Bookmark the site for when it goes live in 2021: dorisward.ca

I also went out of my comfort zone and started recording videos, audio clips and more. I now have a YouTube channel that is a true work in progress which you can subscribe to here:


Stay tuned on my Facebook page @DorisWardCoaching for all my updates. 2021 Here We Come! Are you ready?

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