"Bad" Body Image Days don't have to Weigh you Down!

Do you have them?

I know I do.

"Bad" Body Image days or moments.


Been there.

BUT they don't have to continue to weigh you down.

Here's what has have helped me with my own body acceptance path.

Reply to this email to let me know what you think and if they are helpful for you and why.

Here are THREE steps you can try to move towards body acceptance:

1. Curate your social media: follow accounts that only lift you up, make you feel positive, confident and inspired. Unfollow those accounts that cause you to compare, judge and feel bad about yourself. This simple click of a button or tap on your phone makes a big impact!

2. Practice body gratitude: find ways to be thankful for your body and what it does for you. 🙏🏼 An attitude of gratitude goes a long way when we are dealing with body image struggles. Think of all the places your body has taken you, all the abilities your body has, all the functions it completes during the day and appreciate it simply for being your body right now. Keeping a body gratitude journal is a great idea. Making notes of body appreciation such as:

I am thankful for the walk my body took me on today in nature or gratitude for my arms for carrying groceries or gratitude for being able to deep breathe to help lower my stress levels.

3. Dress for your body: wear clothes that fit your body as it is now. Choose clothes that feel good to you and on you. Go through your closet and get the clothes that you know fit you right now and show your body some love by wearing what fits and feels good to you.

BONUS ROUND!!! Doesn't everyone love a bonus round?!

Journal prompts:📔✍️

1-When I pay attention to my hunger and appetite signals and mindfully eat, I feel…

2-I honor my body by…


I hope the above strategies I have offered will help you on your path.

Let’s remember we’ve all been there on those "bad" body image days, all of us are on unique paths and we CAN feel better in our bodies and mind.

👉It IS possible to live in your body and not hate it but instead appreciate and honor it.

➡️It IS possible to eat without the diet or binge cycle but instead mindfully eat, making empowered choices based on your body’s wisdom.

➡️ It IS possible to have wellness without obsession.

Reply and tell me which of these tips helped you the most.

P.S. Do you like journal prompts?


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