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3 Keys to Take your Confidence from Blah to YEAH!

CONFIDENCE-we all lack it at times, we envy it in others, & we love it when we have it!

TRUTH #1 I haven't always had confidence.💁‍♀️

TRUTH #2 I haven't always been body confident either.💯

TRUTH #3 It's taken work and time.

But, it's TOTALLY worth it. I promise.

It's important to know that confidence isn't constant.

No one is always 100% confident ALL THE TIME. Even if it appears that way, especially on everyone's highlight reel on social media!

Throughout my life, I haven't been confident in certain decisions I was trying to make. I felt like I needed to "consult" with friends about life choices or people in my industry before making career moves.

When it came to my body, I often didn't feel confident with the way it looked, felt or how it "performed". I was hyper-aware of my weight and what others might think of my body.

I haven't always had the confidence to take action or "go for" something I wanted or needed. I held myself back from so many things I wanted to go for.

Reply to this post with the word YES if you relate to these scenarios above.

So, you're probably wondering, what are those 3 Keys to Confidence...

🔑Trust Yourself

🔑Value Yourself

🔑Be Yourself

Trusting in yourself: when you trust your intuition, your inner knowing and that you know you can make confident and empowered decisions.

When you trust yourself you can BELIEVE in yourself.

Trust not only in your mind but also in your body. Trust your body that it knows what you want and need.

Valuing yourself: value your work & gifts, know your worth and what you bring to the "table" and offer in life. When you KNOW your worth, you can be confident about yourself. Using boundaries and self-care to protect your energy and time is part of valuing yourself.

Be yourself: being honest with yourself, checking in on a regular basis to ensure you are leading your life the way you want and not allowing others to take the lead, acting in a way that is true to you and living in your most authentic way.

Here's the thing about need to work at it. There is no arriving at a "finish line" and thinking, there, "I am confident". It's a feeling that requires regular self-reflection and development.

Trusting my body and that it knows what's best for me was a hard lesson to learn but once I understood this, it allowed me to appreciate my body for what it does for me. This was a game-changer. I've talked about this on my Instagram and Facebook accounts before, find me on those platforms here;

I regularly reflect on my work and my gifts. I truly value my hard work and how I add value to my community, clients and the environment. I often ask myself how I can do more and improve. Boundaries are applied and of course, my self-care is a pillar of how I prioritize my health and well-being. I've written about these in past blog posts, and articles in Optimyz magazine and I coach clients on these elements as well in my Life coaching programs as well as my Body Confidence program.

Today, I live authentically. I promised myself a long time ago that I would always be me. I wouldn't try to be something or someone else. I wouldn't hold back anymore. There would be no more secrets or pretending.

THIS was freedom.

I felt like I let go but in a way that felt like a release, almost like a long-awaited exhale.

Confidence stems from a combination of feeling well, accepting your body, believing in your self and trusting in your ability.

These elements require practice, effort and time.

I promised you's worth it.

If you want guidance on feeling well, body acceptance, believing in yourself, and boosting your confidence, I'm your gal.

I have openings for mini-consultations to chat with you about which of my programs is the best fit for your unique needs.

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Author notes: I’d like to recognize the privileges that have impacted my health and perspectives. I identify as cisgender, able-bodied, I was raised middle class, I am college educated, I have thin privilege, have access to health care and insurance, I have benefited from being in a straight relationship and I benefit from being identified as being white. I have thin privilege.

I believe it’s key to have open discussions about this topic to help bring awareness of it and to also reduce the stigma around weight. By acknowledging thin privilege, we can recognize that people in smaller bodies have not experienced or been exposed to stigmatizing events that people in larger bodies have.

By recognizing my many privileges and having these important conversations I hope to help fight the oppressive systems of fatphobia and diet culture and other systems that impact underserved and marginalized communities.

I acknowledge that the land on which I live and work is the traditional and unceded territory of the Abegweit Mi’kmaq First Nation.