Bye Summer, Hello Uncertainty


It's been a summer like no other. I had big plans for this summer. I worked all last summer and regretted that I didn't take more time to enjoy our beautiful Prince Edward Island beaches, parks and scenery. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't miss out this summer and that I would take more time off and be intentional about planning beach visits, road trips and other adventures so I could really take in summer to the fullest.

March arrived and with it came the beginning of the pandemic. At that time we didn't know it would seep into summer much less the entire year of 2020 that no doubt you all had big plans for too. Fall has arrived and with it awaits with more servings of uncertainty from Covid-19 but I also feel flutters of hope, faith and the wonder of finding out "what's next?"

That's the question I have asked myself a lot lately, what's next?

What's next for me, my business, career, life, etc.

I still haven't got the answer or been told the answer. Still searching. I spend a lot of time in self-reflection, journaling and practicing mindfulness. I listen, I wait. Repeat.

I have a clear vision of who I am and what impact I want to make in the world but continue to be met with barriers that seem insurmountable with the resources I have. I continue to work hard, offer my best, help others, and move forward in the direction I believe is right, for right now.

Since the start of the pandemic in mid-March, I have learned lessons, tried new things, made mistakes, made even more mistakes, shifted, paused and made a lot of decisions.

This pandemic has reinforced many lessons for me that I have known for years but needed a strong reminder of. I'd like to share these reminders with you too because I feel they can be helpful for most of us and be applied to life, work, personal relationships and more.

Top 10 Lessons & Reminders for our Evolving Times

  1. Nothing is forever

  2. Go with the flow more but still...

  3. Plan ahead and have a plan B

  4. Keep your routines

  5. Healthy habits are always a good idea

  6. Change feels hard but look for the lessons

  7. Life is short, live for today

  8. Continue to be your authentic self

  9. Working hard is important but hustling, no thanks

  10. Keep perspective and an open heart to build compassion

BONUS: a gratitude practice is powerful and it's also okay to want, need, dream and long for more. Notice and reflect if there is something more you want for your life or is there something pulling you in a direction you want to explore?

What lessons have you learned or lessons that you already knew but needed reminding of?

Tell me, I would love to hear from you.

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