Come down off the Mountain of Shoulds

Are you drowning in your own shoulds?

Do shoulds make you feel like you are doing life wrong?

Shoulds come from our self-talk, society, friends, family, everyone and everywhere.

We internalize them as what we need to do, what we SHOULD do.

We tell ourselves we should...

do this, do that.

don't do this, don't do that

And live in a state of if we don't follow the shoulds we are wrong or bad...

What are the shoulds you are hearing, listening to, following and telling yourself?

I should:

workout more

eat more whole grains

drink more water

take a multivitamin

join a gym

lose weight




have a side gig

wear makeup

be a better mom


volunteer more

get more sleep

What else do we tell ourselves we SHOULD do?

Why do we listen?

Why don't we start listening to what we want to do instead?

Ask ourselves: what feels good, what might be interesting today, how might I change this to gain a deeper experience, what am I working on and why would I do this?

Challenge your shoulds.

Shoulds, for the most part, are the end result of people, society, systems, etc telling you what to do. It's a lot of unsolicited advice, instructions, etc that we didn't want nor that we need.

We have our own answers. We don't need outside forces to tell us what we need or what to do.

Listen to your own thoughts, body and tune into your senses.

Drop the shoulds and the idea that there is one way to do things and to be.

Give yourself permission to throw away the shoulds for GOOD!

Instead, discover what you can be without the shoulds. Try your way.

Take that step. Explore. You just might find yourself creating your own path of what feels good for you and your unique life without the grip of others' opinions, judgement and hangups. This is freedom.

Freedom to be who you are, the awesome you that you always have been without the burden of trying to follow someone else's roadmap.

Create your own roadmap. Start today.

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