Mindful Movement-Let's Talk about it!

What is that and How do I do it?

When I work with clients whether it's private 1:1 sessions for Body Confidence or Fitness Coaching, I like to describe mindful movement as "putting your mind into your muscle". I follow that up with "taking your workout OFF autopilot".

If that resonates with you then great but if not then let me explain a bit more what mindful movement is and how it can help you lower stress AND make your fitness efforts more enjoyable AND effective. Sound good?

Mindful movement is a way to check in with your body while you are moving it. How do you do that? Tune into your muscles, how your body is moving, the sensations you are feeling and notice what you feel overall. Simply notice.

Focus on what you are doing and why you are doing it rather than forcing yourself, or simply waiting to finish out your repetitions or doing an exercise because you think you "should" or because you were told to. Instead, use your inner body's wisdom to guide you.

This way of tuning in is a way to connect with your body rather than shut off and escape. Mindful movement encourages you to be intentional and aware of your every move, your breath, the quality of your movements, and how they make you feel.

When you engage in this way of moving, it's been shown to be an effective way to manage stress and improve your overall wellness.

Mindful movement is liking putting mindfulness and physical activity together and this is one POWERFUL DUO!


One way to try mindful movement is the next time you go for a walk is to pay attention to each step, your breath and how your body feels as you walk. Let me know how it goes!

Another way to try out this way of moving is during a strength training session by feeling your muscles contract with each repetition, matching the breath to the movement and feeling your body's sensations while paying attention to your intensity to help you decide when you will complete that set. Let your body be your guide.

Mindful movement can be added to your life in many ways. Explore this way of moving and see what works for you and enjoy all the benefits.


This past week on social media I was asking you if you pressed pause on your fitness routine. You aren't alone if you answered yes. I know you are busy and trying to fit a workout into your hectic schedule feels really unreasonable right now.

That's why I designed this 10-Minute Anytime Anywhere Mind-Body Workout just for you!

No equipment is required.

Simply click on the link to download it and follow the list.

Take your time with the first couple of times you follow this routine to get used to the flow then if you choose you can take less rest in between the exercises to increase the intensity and get more sets completed.

I hope that this resource is helpful to you not just during this extra-busy season but also year-round when you feel pressed for time, are lacking motivation or just want a quick & simple routine to follow. You can refer to this and have your workout done in 10 minutes and then resume your day. ENJOY!!!

*Disclaimer: this workout is not customized or personalized to you. It is a general workout which means it does not take into consideration your fitness history, medical history, current abilities, conditions, etc.

Please consult with your healthcare practitioner before starting any exercise program. Your safety is a priority therefore I suggest that the following survey be completed prior to starting any new physical activity including the workout I have provided below:


FREE 10-Minute Mindful Movement Workout Doris Ward Coaching
Download PDF • 117KB

Tell me how it goes! Comment below!

Email me if you like this subject and want to hear more about mindful living and mindful movement.


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Author notes: I’d like to recognize the privileges that have impacted my health and perspectives. I identify as cisgender, able-bodied, I was raised middle class, I am college educated, I have thin privilege, have access to health care and insurance, I have benefited from being in a straight passing relationship and I benefit from being identified as being white.

I have thin privilege. I believe it’s key to have open discussions about this topic to help bring awareness of it and to also reduce the stigma around weight.

By acknowledging thin privilege, we can recognize that people in smaller bodies have not had experienced or been exposed to stigmatizing events that people in larger bodies have.

By recognizing my many privileges and having these important conversations I hope to help fight the oppressive systems of fatphobia and diet culture and other systems that impact underserved and marginalized communities.

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