Perfectionism? BYE!

I said bye to perfection a while back.

Best goodbye ever! Highly recommend it. ➡️I now subscribe to doing my best. I bring my best to whatever situation I am in, to work projects, to my priorities and to my goals. Your best is all you can give. ✌ Perfect doesn't exist. ⬇️ At some point, we were taught about perfection and we put these expectations in our minds about how we need to rise to that level of what others expect of us. Self-reflection can be really powerful for personal growth.💭 When did we get so hung up on what other people think?🙄 Seriously, when did that start? Our thoughts and actions were edited or stifled to avoid comments from others that would be hurtful. We've all done it.💯 We have said something we didn't mean, or held our voice back, we didn't act on something or we did act on something we didn't want to, etc ALL in an effort to avoid judgement from others. Or we pushed ourselves so hard to try to rise to someone else's idea of excellence. Why are we doing this? We each have unique gifts, talents, wonderful personalities and lights to shine. Why are we changing ourselves to fit other people's ideas of what they think we SHOULD be, do act, say, wear, look like, etc?

I say we let go of all of the SHOULDS.👊

Shoulds are just another form of perfectionism. Let go of the weight of thinking, "what will they think?", "what will they say?". Give yourself permission to be you. 💕 Do you.✅ Have fun.✅ Be silly.✅ Be whatever YOU want to be.✅ YOU get to define you.❗ Build the confidence inside yourself. 1️⃣The first step is trusting yourself. Trust in your thoughts, wisdom, and your body. When you trust yourself, you believe in yourself and will do the things you know you CAN! 2️⃣Value yourself. Know your worth. You are worthy. Always. As you are right now. You don't have to change a single thing about you inside or out, you are friggin awesome! 3️⃣Be yourself. Authentically you. ✅Reply or comment with a YES to this blog post if you are all about being yourself and letting go of perfection, and what other people think and are ready to live your life on your own terms!

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