What is FOOD for you?

What would it be like if you ate foods:

because you were craving them

because you felt like it

for community

for celebration

to share with others

for nourishment

because you were hungry

because it was in front of you

because it was filling

because it smelled good

because it tasted amazing

so you could take care of yourself

for fuel

because you were bored

and simply because you WANTED to!

And NOT because you were TOLD to by an app, plan, program, or thought you "should" or "shouldn't".

Imagine what that would feel like.

To have any and all foods in your home.

No rules

No counting.

No eating something because "it's part of the plan" or "it's timing"

What about this instead?

Paying attention to what you want and need.

Yep, that simple.

In theory, right?

For anyone steeped in diets and diet industry's grip, it's super challenging to imagine a way out or what it would be like to live outside of it and its hard and fast rules. No structure! That can cause anxiety, a lot of confusion and a learning curve. I get it. How do I know? Because I went through it.

I once was deep into counting, "cheat meals", weighing myself far too often, exercising to change my body towards a shape and number on the scale...I could go on but I won't because it's not helpful. You get the idea.

Then I turned the corner and decided I wasn't going to let external forces make decisions for me.

I took back control. I started listening to my body. It was a process and still is. It's work and still is.

But worth every bit of it. And it can be for you too.

Eating with freedom and giving your body what it needs and wants is absolute bliss and gives me a lot of peace and took away so much anxiety around meals and all the pressure around my workouts.

Mindful eating and adding mindfulness to your workouts can be part of the solution to helping you to feel better in your mind and body.

Simply tuning in to what your body is telling you. Sometimes it whispers. Sometimes it's yelling at you. If you pause long enough with no distractions and truly notice what your body is saying or screaming at you for, you can give it what it needs. Taking care of yourself on a level that comes from internal cues is a powerful step towards improving your body image and also feeling free around food rather than being trapped in the never-ending cycle of diets that simply don't work.

Are you in?

Start with these 3 steps for mindful eating:

  1. Notice when you are hungry and before you eat, ask yourself what you truly want to eat, and go for that instead of what you think you "should" eat or had planned. If that feels too much of a stretch (because I know it can), simply start by noticing your hunger level then eventually work towards making the food choice you want.

2. Focus on how the food makes you feel during eating and after eating. You can do this simply by self-reflection or by journaling.

3. Eat more slowly and notice all the flavors, textures and fullness cues as you continue to eat.

Start with one or more of these steps. Take your time and give yourself credit for each step you continue with.

It's a process. There is no finish line. Everything you do is good. Remember because it's a process there will be ebbs and flows and there is no straight line to how you will experience your path to food freedom through mindful eating. Consider everything you do as learning.

So many of you have told me you struggle with food and body image.

I'm here to help.

Together we team up for 1:1 coaching where I help you build body confidence and food freedom and finally live a life without obsessing around food and what your body looks like.

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Are you in?

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Cheers to you and your path. Take good care of you.

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