Body Image Workshop

COVID-19 Update: All workshops are on pause until further notice. Stay tuned on my Facebook page.

Moving Towards Body Acceptance Together through Mind-Body Connection


How to make the mind-body connection

Yoga poses and stretches to practice mindfulness

Pilates exercises to improve your body awareness


Breath connection exercises

Supportive group discussion on common body image issues

Writing your own body image positivity piece

Body scan mindfulness practice

Guided meditation

If you are interested in this workshop, my Facebook group "Body Image, We 

Got This!" would also be aligned with similar interests. This group offers body

acceptance tools and resources, helpful tips and informative articles dedicated

to improving body image. Click here to learn more. 


Pre-register by emailing your workshop facilitator Doris Ward at:

All workshops require a minimum of 6 participants


Everything Running Workshop

Heading 1

The Complete Guide for EVERYTHING Running! 

Learn all about running from PEI's Road Runner of 2018 and award-winning Personal Trainer Doris Ward.


Top stretches for Range of Motion and Mobility

Cardio drills to improve speed and agility

Goal Setting strategies

How to prevent common injuries

Open Discussion Q&A


Comprehensive warm up and cool down routine

Cardio drills to improve speed and agility

Top strength and stability exercises to compliment your running plan

Top Yoga and Pilates exercises to support your running efforts AND cross training

*Please note this workshop does not include running as our focus is on improving your skills, techniques

and mindset as a runner. We accomplish this through running-specific cardio drills, strength training and mindfulness.

If this workshop has piqued your interest then my Learn to Run program would be the perfect pairing

for you! This 8-week group running program is where we have the opportunity to build both stamina

and speed and apply everything we learned in the workshop. Check out the full details here. 










Believe & Achieve Workshop

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Reclaim your Life, Believe in Yourself and Achieve what you want!


How to align with your priorities

An effective goal-setting process

Strategies to overcome obstacles in life that "get in the way"

The best habits and behaviors to adopt to create your own path 

To set yourself up for success and GO for IT!


Exploring your beliefs, purpose and intentions

Guided Meditations to lead the way to open possibilities

Individual and group activities including journaling 

Designing your own priority list and road map to achieving your goals

Defining your WHY and your purpose

Group Discussion and Open Q&A


Creating a MindFULL Life

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Living a Stress Reduced Life through Practicing Mindfulness


What mindfulness and meditation are

Stress reduction tools to add to your self-care tool box

How to add mindfulness to your daily life

Effective yoga posses to practice mindfulness and reduce anxiety

Pilates exercises and principles to improve your body awareness


Breath connection techniques

Yoga poses & stretches to practice staying in the present moment

Stress-reduction group activities

Pilates mini-class demonstration

Body scan mindfulness practice and guided meditation

Goal Setting Workshop

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Get Clear on what you want, where you are going THEN create an action plan to make it all happen for you! This workshop makes it a reality!


The most powerful steps to goal setting

How to set SMART Goals

Extra tips to keep you on track 

Effective strategies 


Creating your own Goal Blueprint action plan/worksheet

An intention setting guided meditation to discover your goals & dreams

Group and individual activities

Self-reflection to guide your goal discovery process

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"...informative, compelling, good mix/blend of physical exercises, practical information and discussion - engaged body, mind and soul, very well organized."

"You opened my eyes to a completely different way of thinking about running and my training, which I know will be very valuable to me. "